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Anavar&Test E


Im Currently On Test E 300 once a week ATM was thinking of adding in Anavar I've never used it before thinking is 

  1. Would this be good to go with Test E
  2. What dosages would you suggest 

I was thinking start low and raise steadily but to what dosage also 

firstly I would suggest split your dose of 300 test e to 150mg 2 x per week


Anavar also known as oxandrolone is a good drug to use, I mainly use it with female clients but men can use it also if they wish. why I use it with women is because it has strong anabolic effects with mild androgenic effects things that would impacts a females voice, hair, sexual desires, skin etc but this will depend on the female using it some individuals will experience mild side effects when other may experience more harsher effects.

for men it can potentially cause infertility, suppressing HPa, Lh & FSH and lead to hypogonadal just like any AAS can. one good thing about anavar for men is that it doesn't aromatise into oestrogen so there is a less chance of gynecomastia development.


essentially anavar is designed to help promote anti-catabolic effects, helping to preserve muscle tissue/gain weight and with its higher anabolic to androgenic effects its why must individuals like to use it but I would personally recommend for male use during a contest prep potentially and females it would be used all year round for offseason and pre contest phases.


dosages for women I would start at 5mg - 10mg max

dosages for men I would start at 50mg and gradually increment to 75mg/100mg over time  


and I would say it is ok to run along side testosterone but you will need to get blood work done regularly to monitor test levels, LH, FSH if your planning on children in the future. 


That is what I ended up doing with the test e is splitting it into two jabs a week 

also I have just stuck to test e now for rest my cycle 

Thanks for all information Harry 

more than welcome Ashley, keep the questions flying in

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