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Carbohydrate considerations for fat loss?

A discussion that is always thrown about is the debate between high or low carbohydrate consumption for optimal fat loss, a majority of the population believe that carbohydrates equates to fat gain due to its insulinogenic response it has and that apparently insulin is a cofactor of fat gain, which contrary to popular belief isn't entirely true. 

Carbohydrates are our main readily available fuel source which aids in optimal performance, so in essence if we have a macronutrient which will enable us to train at sub-maximum capacities this would lead to greater strength maintenance or in some cases progression within sessions which not only means persevering tissue but greater energy demands (calories burnt), so what does this mean when it comes to fat loss?

If we was to opt for a low carbohydrate diet we could potentially compromise our performance and well the rest has been explained above.

In some cases people may even consider going full ketosis (low to no carbohydrates) and believe this to be the most optimal way to oxidise fat (burn fat) which isn't the case and you could even argue that ketosis is catabolic (muscle degradation), as a depletion in glycogen stores signals activation of AMPK (adenosine monophosphate protein kinase) which antagonises Mtor which is an anabolic signalling pathway (muscle building).

Is this to say ketogenic diet is useless, absolutely not! The end result is always going to be energy balance, as long as you're in a deficit you will lose fat regardless of what diet approach you take, but if your a bodybuilder looking to preserve as much tissue as you can as well as maintaining sub optimal to optimal performance your better off with moderate to higher carbohydrate intake.


bottom line is, carbohydrates and insulin will not inhibit fat loss. In fact it could equate to more efficient fat loss over time but as long as your energy balance is biasing a negative balance (deficit) you will lose weight regardless. As for how much carbohydrates, that will completely depend on the individual, size, muscularity and lifestyle so its very hard to give an exact generic number. 


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