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COVID-19 home workout considerations

So during these unprecedented times, I thought I would never have to write a post like this but here we are. So I wanted to provide some tips and considerations on how to get the most effective workout possible to elicit a robust stimulus to hopefully see muscle retention. 


So lets break thing's down 



when it comes to rep ranges, we will need to be working within a lot higher rep ranges (30,40,50+), yes this is going to burn like crazy but is essential to get a close proximity to true failure with the loads with have available and elicit that stimulus required. As we know mechanical tension (overload) is king for hypertrophy, rep ranges of 5-20. But we have the load and variations to elicit that mechanical tension when in the gym. With the relatively light loads & limited pieces of equipment we have to adapt to the higher rep range work to create an equailivent stimulus.


RIR (pushing to true failure)

So Although we have to work with higher rep ranges, this will burn lie hell as mentioned above it will mean that we will be significantly safer in terms of joint integrity, plus also our ability to repeat these bouts of exercise frequently as the lighter loads reduces the amount of torque/pressure to the joints, the lighter loads will also mean less cumulative fatigue locally & neurologically. Lastly our bodies ability to adapt to higher rep work is greater as our slow twitch fibres are more resistance to fatigue meaning they don't accrual as much and the fatigue it does accrual it can recovery from fast allowing us to train in this fashion more frequently. 



It is extremely important in order to continue reaching true failure with a majority of our sets that we minimise our rest periods, Essentially we're emphasising on metabolic summation (the pump), to elicit a stimulus. In order to maintain a close proximity to that stimulus we need to keep our rest in-between sets relatively short so that all the metabolites in the targeted muscle haven't been completely buffered.

So my recommendations would be 45-60 seconds rest between sets.



Hopefully this information helps, if you want any more tips including advance techniques considerations like tempo, drop sets etc please drop a comment below



good post

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