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Dieting during COIVD-19 lockdown (considerations and potential implications)

Are you still dieting?

As we have gone into a lockdown across Britain, some of us myself included were in prep or some kind of dieting phase. The question that circulates is should we continue with our prep/diet or abandon it altogether. 

If your show was cancelled then obviously this is a given with your decision making, as for the rest of us here are my considerations. Due to the uncertainty of when everything will be back to normality, I personally believe we have to just accept what is, is what it is. It's extremely devastating and frustrating but we could be looking at May, even possibly June until thing's reopen again. 

Now lets say that best case scenario everything reopens in May, you need to take into consideration the logistics of rescheduling of shows (if even possible), plus how many athletes will be competing, as some will have committed to their "improvement season", so there could be a relatively big drop in competitors towards the latter end of the year, do you really want to be competing with less athletes or even possibly none?

on the flip side, if no shows end up going ahead, then this time could've been spent wasting time growing new tissue.


now here are some potential implications, during these unprecedented times there has been some empirical evidences stating that a suppress immune system can reduce your chances of experience severe implications from the virus. With that said we know that dieting in and of itself will suppress your immune system over time from the restrictions of calories, reduce in body fat mass and the cumulative stress. So from a health & immunity perspective, it might not be conducive to being dieting. Are the possibilities significant? probably not. Could it contribute to running into severe implications? possible. would it be logical to increase your immune system integrity? possible yes.

Secondly the next issue you could possibly run into is the atrophy of muscle (atrophy is the technical term for muscle loss), with an inability to get to a gym, we have an inability to overload our muscles with the adequate stimulus required (mechanical tension) to stimulate the perseveration of muscle. Some of us will have sufficient gym kit, if that is you then carry on as you're. If you have to result to using just bands and potentially some small weights then It might not be logical to carrying on dieting as without that stimulus, there is no signalling to the muscles to persevere tissue, this in conjunction with a caloric restriction will see a higher propensity of muscle to atrophy (lose muscle). Is that a risk you're affording to take?


So hopefully these considerations and potential implications can help you make a decision on whether to continue dieting during the lockdown? 

Any questions please feel free to leave them below

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