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So lets discuss the benefits of mini cuts during a prolonged offseason why we use and when best to utilise them.

Firstly lets look at why we use them?

So during an offseason setting or what I like to term "improvement season" especially a prolonged phase inevitably we're going to hit a point where we begin to accrual a higher body fat to free fat mass ratio, are physique begins to look sloppy and also there are some physiological implications that need to be considered also 

those being:

  • An increase of body fat will lead to down regulation in insulin sensitivity, equalling an inability to partition nutrients efficiently and a further increase of fat storage.
  • An increase in inflammation from the chronic consumption of carbohydrates which will impact sleep, recovery & performance.

So implementing a mini cut will allow us to mitigate those physiological aspects and reduce body fat percentage to increase the duration of the offseason and increase our ability to recruit more muscle more efficiently.

Really that is why we use mini cuts summed up in its most simplest definition, so now lets ask when do we to utilise it and how to identify this?


So looking at the terminology of a mini cut it helps us understand when to use it, by monitoring our body composition during the offseason

when we get to a point where we feel sluggish and body composition is not looking great this is where we would want to utilise it to tidy up things for a lack of better terms.



Here we will look at the algorithms to follow once entering a mini cut phase

first and foremost, its pretty much a given due to its title but a mini cut is supposed to be MINI (short), essentially the goal is to get in and out as quick as we can so we're not wasting any time to bias on recruiting more tissue as ultimately that is the goal during an offseason so we don't want to be wasting that time in a dieting phase, so get in and out as quick as we possibly can.

Therefore this will mean that the slash in calories will be aggressive, averaging a slash in calories from 700-100kcals initially. This aggressive approach will immediately put the individual into a large energy deficit eliciting a greater ROL (rate of loss) per week which the goal would be around 2% per week 2-4lbs, respectively.

so for example if we have an individual on 5000kcals in there offseason, ideally we would be looking at bringing g their caloric intake down to 4000kcals, as for cardio it is completely individualistic, depending on the current set up so you may keep cardio as it is or it may need to be increased to further increase the energy deficit. 

ideally I would say a mini cut duration should be no longer then 5 weeks, if you're in a mini cut for longer then 5 weeks, you didn't create a large enough deficit initially and your in a normal dietary phase.


So as I mentioned ideally we want to be in and out no longer then 5 weeks, but essentially we go by body composition when body composition has improved and we can now continue to recruit more tissue efficiently. Once you reached this point get out of the mini cut and continue to grow.


For any further questions on this subject please drop some comments down below



Great breakdown of this topic Harry. If your implementing a similar strategy do u do it adhoc as in whenever the need arises or wait until cruise phases?

Also do u feel this aggressive mini cut is ideally implemented x amount of weeks before a prep?


Just joined the site, great work pal 

Thank you for your comment, it could be used in an adhoc fashion to an extent, but essentially in an offseason setting it is slightly predictable when to implement one. To put it into perspective it would normally be used to prolong an offseason when a client is accumulating too much fat.

as for a implement a mini cut prior to a contest prep, I would say you want to have your last mini cut at least 8 weeks minimum before initiating a prep, I most definitely wouldn't implement a mini cut then go straight into a prep that is just nonsensical.


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