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so im often asked what are the best supplements to use to help reduce body fat levels.

I wanted to squash this questions once and for all so here i will provide my top 3 natural sources and my top 3 synthetic supplements to help reduce body fat

Starting with the natural sources, which would be

1) Dietary practices

Shockingly diet/nutrition will always be the fundamental aspect to help with weight loss regardless of what people think it is what underpins fat burning, with being in a caloric deficit you will inevitably lose weight what you lose will hugely be influenced by your macronutrient set up. ensure your protein intake is relatively high to help preserve muscle tissue and essentially keep your carbohydrates considerably high as well as this will help with optimal performance which plays a role in preserving muscle tissue also.


2) Caffeine

Coffee can act as a appetite suppressant which will aid in the reduction of calories consumed across the day, the issue is that not everyone will have the same potent response to caffeine in regards to suppressing appetite but it can essentially aid towards doing so. its a ergogenic that's mainly used in all fat burning supplements sold over the counter.


3) Sleep

Yes, surprisingly sleep can massively aid towards fat lose, sleep can influence your appetite/satiety hormones, with poor sleep this can lead to an increase in appetite and hunger hormones meaning an increase in calories consumed across the day, also from a physiological perspective poor sleep can reduce levels of testosterone which can influence body composition in a negative way, also impeded recovery capabilities which can also contribute to an inability to lose fat efficiently. sleep also impacts blood glucose regulation and can cause insulin resistances which will dictate where carbs are stored after they're ingested so you can see the impacts sleep can have on your ability to lose fat.


Now lets look at some of my favourite fat burning supplements that i believe are actually worth your investing and will give you a bang for your buck.

1) Yohimbine HCL

2) thermo-9mml maxxmuscle

3) L carnitine (but a more bioavaible L carnitine is the injectable version) but oral is some what still beneficial

In regards to the diet aspect.. I was eating way more than I was before training. My understanding is growing due to the fact that I was loosing weight and hitting my goal weight at that stage in my plan. Not sure completely how but I guess eating the right food at the right time, magic happens. I say magic because it was to me. Each week I would check in and get such a kick at the number I looked at.

I see alot of people with the attitude that they have to eat less to loose and end up failing long term due to feeling hungry. I never felt hungry. 

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@pauld absolutely, it is not always down to starvation to elicit a big enough deficit to see weight loos, there are other matters that can be considered that being increasing energy expenditure through steps (NEAT), Cardio or even resistant training which is the most anabolic tool to our advantage in regards to stimulating MPS. 

It fundamentally comes down to providing a sufficient amount of food to give yourself the ability to train optimally, the right amount will provide that energy needed to keep going as consistent is the our greatest tool. If you restrict ones intake drastically, that person will become sedentary (less movement) equating to less energy burnt across the day which is counterproductive

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