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So due to popular demand I will begin to log workouts here and there for you guys to get a better concept of how I programme my sessions, monitor my progression and capabilities, as well as manipulating variables to facilitate my recovery capabilities.


starting with todays session which was PUSH B 

Date: 17/8/19 | meso cycle 11 week 6 

Current weight: 209lbs and in the midst of a dieting phase which you can follow all aspects with my nutrition on the contest prep log.


At the moment i'm currently hitting 15 total sets across the week, divided into two push sessions 9 sets in one session and 6 in the other session, so far with my current caloric intake and energy expenditure levels this amount of volume is a sufficient amount to allow me to maintain performance and strength in each session and recovery efficiently in time for my next rotation. If I was to accrual any more overall work (16-17 sets) my stimulus to fatigue ration will be biasing towards the fatigue, so in simpler terms this means any additional sets I will not benefits anything from those sets (stimulus) and will just accumulate fatigue and inflammation resulting in systemic fatigue, which will impede my ability to recover and the next session I will no doubt regress on sets.

as I reduce calories, increase energy output and/or drop weight I will have to reduce sets even more as I will need even more time to recover and my MAV to MRV window will continue to reduce in size. 

so as for todays session it looked like this 

EX 1: flat smith machine press

2 working 1 back load set


EX 2: incline db press

2 working 1 back load set


EX 3: isolated shoulder press machine

1 working 1 widow maker set


EX 4: standing cable flye

2 working 1 widow maker set


EX 5: lying cuff cable crucifix

2 working 1 back load set


EX 6: close grip back supported tricep extensions

2 working 1 back load set


EX 7: overhead rope tricep extensions

2 working 1 back load


My goal is I undulate rep ranges so working with 6-9 reps in the working sets, if its 2 working sets I would execute it as W1: 5-7 W2: 8-10

back load sets will depending on the exercise but will vary from 10-12 to 12-20 reps, the widow maker sets are 20+ reps with a maximum of 4 mini sets and 10 second rest in-between. This allows me to hit a diversity of rep ranges from the mechanical tension rep ranges that will yield the most damage and predominantly work the high threshold motor units and fast twitch fibres and then I accrual more metabolite (metabolic stress) work aka the pump for lack of better terms with the higher volume which will predominantly work the low threshold motor units and slow twitch fibres so again I'm hitting all the rep ranges that elicits hypertrophy and ensuring I recruit maximum fibres within a session.

I tend to work to true failure, this is where I finish on a rep I can complete fully on my own and will then not attempt an additional rep where I will most likely mechanically failure and have to use inertia or call for a spot to help me, if I was to continue to do this on every set I would accrual too much neural fatigue and again would compromise my recovery and performance, so stopping at true failure is stopping at 1/0 RIR (reps in reserver) and leaving it there this allows me to keep intensity high in every set and progressively overload with more reps or load each set and each session. 


I will continue to log my sessions if you guys find this interesting and will provide more informative content and take away notes each time so each log you can learn something new. 


If you enjoyed this please leave a comment below and as always if you have any questions please let me know 

So today wraps up Lower B with Pull top up work 

Date: 18/8/19 | meso cycle 11 week 6 

Current weight: 209lbs and in the midst of a dieting phase which you can follow all aspects with my nutrition on the contest prep log


Today is the most psychologically fatiguing session of the week as I have to really get myself psyched up for this session as it entails a lot of volume will maintaining intensity proxi to RPE 10. 

So the reasoning behind why I have this split in my week as due to my chest being one of the weakest body parts I feel that hitting them twice per weeks is showing significant improvements so that leaves my split as push, legs, pull rest, push, lower & pull

during this dieting phase it is as I said mentally challenge for sure but it does help elicit more energy output which is helps towards putting me into a greater deficit.

so todays session looked like this,


EX 1 lying leg curls

1 working & 1 back load set


EX 2 v.squat

1 working & 1 back load set


EX 3 leg press

1 widow maker set


EX 4 leg extensions

1 widow maker set


EX 5 seated leg curls

2 working & 1 back load set


EX 6 lying leg curl

1 working & 1 widow maker


EX 7 wide grip pull down

1 working & 1 back load set


EX 8 seated wide grip cable rows

1 working & 1 back load set


EX 9: close grip vertical pull down

1 working & 1 widow maker set


EX 10: dumbbell curl

2 working & 1 back load set


EX 11: preach curls

1 working & 1 widow maker set


as you can see its a lot of overall work but its what I need to do to hit my maximum capable work per musculature across the week. I did also drop off a working set from the leg extension as originally It was programmed as 2 working and 1 widow maker, but I felt after the first working set I wouldn't be able to hit another working set and a effective widow maker set the stimulus to fatigue ratio would of biased fatigue and I wouldn't of benefited from that second working set, so total volume for quads per week is now 9 sets. 


As body weight comes down and caloric intake continues to decrease I will have to make further manipulations to overall work volume per musculature and I will do this by monitoring my performance, log book and other recovery modalities.

all in all it was a very productive session and on this particular session I tend to bias on accruing more reps over incrementing load as there is a lot of overall volume, this is what allows me to continue progressively overload, accrual more volume and keep intensity high. 


for any questions please feel free to submit them in the comments below

today was the first Leg rotation of the week

Date: 21/8/19 | meso cycle 11 week 6 

Today was a great session, recovery has been near enough optimal with me feeling rejuvenated, recuperated and refreshed ready for my next session. I'm currently at the point where my sessions are begin to excite me but in concurrent scare the living daylights out of me when it comes to looking at my preceding numbers I have to have a second glance to ensure those are really my numbers for the session. 

But funny enough I yearn for these moments when they come, these are the moments why I feel in love with bodybuilding  and my approach to training.

I have a few more days and then that will be the end of the cut for me, with me sitting around 209lbs I'm very happy with composition as you may have seen on my instagram: @trainedbywarrior92 after this weekend I will enter my cruise phase and will string one more week out of this phase then introduce a reload before beginning the next push. (all this will be uploaded tomorrow on the contest prep log)


So as for todays session it looked like this,


Ex 1 lying leg curl

1 working & 1 back load


Ex 2 unilateral seated leg press

1 working & 1 back load


Ex 3 smith machine squats

1 widow maker


Ex 4 Leg extensions

1 working & 1 widow maker


Ex 5 Seated leg curl

2 working & 1 widow maker


Ex 6 Seated calve raises

3 straight sets


In the initial phases I did make an auto regulation with the initial exercise which original was seated leg curls, the rationale here was because the lying leg curl is a mechanically challenging exercise with passive insufficient (a limited degree of ROM) plus its hard to create a lot of force so front loading it will allow me to exert more energy allowing for more load and making the exercise more effective. They down side is I have to be careful of my pelvis and lumbar erectors as I don't want to fatigue them too much with keeping my posture stable and compromise my quad focused exercises (leg press & smith squats) 

I rotated this exercise with seated leg curls, putting them at the latter ends of the session as contrary to the lying leg curl, the seated leg curl is slightly more mechanically advantageous so therefore Its relatively easier to produce more force even when exhausted all over musculatures and it did work I managed to snatch Pbs on both exercises and on all sets so im happy I made that auto-regulation and this is why its pivotal to understand mechanics and the resistant profile of machines to be able to design the most efficient programme for optimal result.

other then those adjustments everything else remind the same as the preceding session and went well, as I said it was a mentally challenging session today but performance where I wanted it. 

in the first leg rotation of the week the focus is high intensity with a close proximity to failure, keeping reps relatively low from the 5-8 to 10-12 range with the additional widow maker sets. 

Im currently hitting 9 quad sets per week with 12 hamstring sets per week, now surprisingly the hamstrings can carry and endure a lot of mechanical damage which has a trade off of a larger accrual of fatigue but for me im unfortunate that I don't need fundamental hamstring compounds in my programme as they respond exceptionally well to the isolation work so I can get away with a bit more over volume which doesn't impair my recovery capabilities, however on the other hand my quads are a strong body part for me which can endure a lot of load, and I do need compound exercises to elicit maximum fibre requirement therefore I can not accrual as much volume per week with quads, but the 9 sets is more then enough but now as I enter a deload and increase caloric intake I will see a massive drop off of fatigue and will begin to see my quad MRV window expand enabling me to get more overall volume in very soon. 

that's you guys informed with todays session and some informative information for you.


if you have any questions please let me know 


Today was the second push rotation of the week

Date: 23/8/19 | meso cycle 11 week 6 

So today was originally meant to be a rest day but I had to auto regulate today due to being very busy over the weekend, and when it comes to my training I don't like to be rushed or stressed so today became push second rotation and tomorrow will now be my rest day for the week. with those changes that does mean I didn't have my usual 3 sleeps in between the first push rotation and this one so recovery was not going to be optimal and fatigue would have still been present. 

So here I had to be strategic with my execution going into this session, so my approach here was to not work to 0 reps in reserver (true failure) but to stop shy at 1 to 2 RIR. this way I have the ability to still hit my numbers in my log book and reduce the chances of regressing at any point in the session, this is exactly what happened in the session and fortunately I was able to accrual some additional reps on some sets so still progression made considering the situation.

This just goes to show that when you administer your variables and training protocols you can ensure that your training performance will also be optimal or at least suboptimal. 

so todays session looked like this,

Ex 1: flat smith press

2 working & 1 back load


Ex 2: Incline db press

2 working & 1 back load


Ex 3: isolated shoulder press

2 working & 1 back load


Ex 4: cable flye

1 working & 1 widow maker


Ex 5: lying cuff crucifix

2 working & 1 back load


Ex 6: close grip cable tricep push downs

2 working & 1 back load


Ex 7: overhead rope cable extensions

2 working & 1 back load


with this session I did manipulate volume slightly with substituting some widow maker sets for straight sets to drop prevent additional fatigue accrual those sets where (Ex 3, Ex 4 I removed 1 working set, Ex 5) 

over then that everything else remained the same as the preceding session, my current total volume per musculature per week is now

chest: 14 sets

Anterior delts: 6 sets

Medial delts: 6

Triceps: 11 sets



any questions as always please feel free to drop some comments below and I will be happy to answer any questions you have


DATE: 2/9/19

meso cycle 12 - week 2


So as you can see im no on to a new meso cycle (12) as this is my cruise phase after making the decisions on the 26th august to drop out of my contest prep, unfortunately I missed a week out of training logs which I do apologise but I will now be documenting my cruise phase training for you guys and if you want to know more about the drugs aspects etc on this phase then check out the (CRUISE PHASE LOG SECTION)


(p.s the cruise phase log explains my philosophy and training approach during this phase so be sure to read that part before reading the rest of this log)


todays leg out looked like this,


seated leg curl: 2 working & 1 back load set

1st set (2RIR) 2nd set (1RIR) 3rd set (1RIR)


smith RDLs: 1 working & 1 back load set

1st set (1RIR) 2nd set (0RIR) - I miss judged this set 


unilateral seated leg press: 1 working & 1 back load

1st set (1RIR) 2nd set (1RIR)


seated leg press: 1 working & 1 back load

1st set (3RIR) 2nd set (1RIR)


lying leg curl: 1 working & 1 back load set 

1st set (2RIR) 2nd set (1RIR)


adductors: 2 working & 1 back load set

1st set (2RIR) 2nd set (2RIR) 3rd set (1RIR)


calve raises seated: 2 working & 1 back load

all sets I worked to 1-0RIR as its a small musculature and doesn't create too much neural or systemic fatigue



Overall it was a superb session and I was surprised and the volume I was able to hit for my hamstrings and still get some effective sets, no Sets felt like I was gaining diminishing returns and form was spot on throughout from start to finish. I will continue to keep you guys updated on my training performance, recovery and much more so be sure to stick around and as always if you have any questions please feel free to drop some comments below



DATE: 6/9/19

meso cycle 12 - week 2

LEG B Smith squat rotation with some Bicep curl top up work

Today was my second leg rotation of the week (legs B smith squat focus)

Still currently following the RIR scheme of course while in this cruise phase setting to optimise recovery, ensure I progressively overload with volume session to session and week to week and reduce the risks of accumulating too much systemic fatigue. 

When I go into a new mess cycle I always like to alternate a exercise or two, the maximum alternation I will make is 3 exercises but no more and its normally compound exercises like a squat, deadlift or leg press.

The rationale behind this is to change variations and create a novel stimulus after neurologically adapting to the new variation which may take a couple of sessions (weeks) while also giving your joints a chance to some what recovery and mitigate any strain from a that previous variation due to fact as mentioned where we're having to neurologically adapt and start fresh the loading aspects will have reduced significantly which is what allows time for your joints to repair themselves (respectively)


so lets delve into todays session,


ex 1: leg extensions

2 working & 1 back load set

1st set (3rir) 2nd set (2rir) back load set (1rir)


ex 2: smith squat

1 working & 1 back load set

1st set (2rir) back load set (1rir)


ex 3: DB RDLs (new exercise)

1 working & 1 back load set

1st set (3rir) back load set (2rir)


ex 4: leg press

2 working & 1 back load

1st set (3rir) 2nd set (1rir) back load set (1rir)


ex 5: seated leg curls

2 working & 1 back load set

1st set (3rir) 2nd set (0rir) misjudged back load set (3rir)


ex 6: abductors

2 working & 1 back load set

1st set (1rir) 2nd set (1rir) back load set (1rir)


then I moved onto some bicep top up work as my new split is legs, rest, pull, push, legs & biceps, Upper, rest 


ex 7: seated unilateral db curls

2 working & 1 back load set

1st (1rir) 2nd set (1rir) back load set (1rir)


ex 8: unilateral cable curl

1 widow maker set



when it comes to a cruise phase I don't like to add sets of rest pauses, muscle rounds or widow makers (minus the one set on arms) reasoning being again as too much volume will eat into my recovery capabilities and will see me exceed my MRV and potentially overreach or even worse overtrain so I keep everything to straight sets throughout this phase, the only reason why I add it to sets like the biceps is because the cost of fatigue is marginal being it a small muscle group, so I can get away with it here but it would be counterproductive to use this approach on lets say a leg press or squat for example.


so this is everything up to date on this run my current total volume per each body part is

quads: 12 sets

hamstrings: 12 sets

glute work: 6 sets

calves: 9 sets

biceps: 10 sets

I have seen an increment in total work for quads as originally I was only able to hit 10 sets per week but during this phase I've managed to accrual two additional sets. I think I could get away with a little bit more glutei work but everything else has reached its MRV


any questions please feel free to ask and I will be updating the cruise phase nutrition blog on Sunday so stay tuned!!


DATE: 11/9/19

meso cycle 12

Today was Pull A Snatch grip RDL rotation

So I am currently into my 3rd week of this cruise phase, bodyweight is sitting at 219lbs this morning. I have made some manipulations to macros and will update that aspect tomorrow so make sure to check that out but here lets delve into todays pull session.


ex 1: High pull down

1 working & 1 back load set

1st set (2rir) 2nd set (1rir)


ex 2: Platform snatch grip RDL

1 working & 1 back load set

1st (0rir) 2nd set (1rir) - first set I always get greedy and take the set to true failure but one of here and there will not be detrimental to my recovery capabilities 


ex 3: D-handle seated rows

2 working & 1 back load set

1st set (3rir) 2nd set (2rir) 3rd set (1rir)


ex 4: wide grip handle rows

2 working & 1 back load set

1st set (3rir) 2nd set (2rir) 3rd set (1rir)


ex 5: reverse peck deck flye

3 working & 1 back load set - This sees a increment in sets by 1

1st set (3rir) 2nd set (2rir) 3rd set (1rir) 4th set (0 rir) 


ex 6: preacher unilateral curl

2 working & 1 back load set

1st set (2rir) 2nd set (1rir) 3rd set (0rir)


ex 7: D-handle ez cable curls

2 working & 1 back load set

1st set (2rir) 2nd set (1rir) 3rd set (0rir)

all in all the session was very productive especially after my scare from last week, where I literally thought I herniated a disc from pulling but everything was ok. 

I managed to progress across the entire session which is a great outcome in my eyes. I've also seen an increase in total volume per body parts that being posterior delts and back which currently looks like this

Back total sets per week: 16

Posterior delts total sets per week: 7

Bicep total sets per week: 10


Thats two additional sets for back, 1 additional set for posterior delts and 1 additional set for biceps.


i'm also currently intake no caffeine for this week, its currently been 4 days and will reintroduce caffeine from this coming Monday, this is something I like to do once every so weeks to resensitise my sensitivity to caffeine/stimulants 

that is pretty much everything updated for you, if you want to check out highlights from my sessions be sure to add me on instagram @trainedbywarrior92


any questions ask them below and I will get back to all your questions.


DATE: 17/9/19

meso cycle 12

Today was Push B smith flat press rotation

so after two off plan meals one Saturday and one yesterday weight is now sitting at 221.4lbs, which is a new weigh in since last update of the blog.

(more information on the nutrition aspects will be uploaded on the cruise phase section)


As for training, today was a slightly frustrating session as the initial exercises continue to be a big challenge to progress in either volume or with load. I will be looking at making adjustments to my training split as currently I have two sleeps between my upper rotation (Saturday) and my initial Push session of the week (Tuesday) this is impeding my ability to progressively overload per week on this day, so this is something I will look into across the week and make adjustments where I can. I made to redeem myself during the middle and latter ends of the session its just the initial exercises that are causing the frustration. I will also look at volume across the week for chest as currently hitting

14 total sets for chest

6 total sets for anterior delts

7 total sets for side delts

10 total sets for triceps

I will most likely drop set on chest, drop a set on anterior delt work and everything else will remain as it is, with the drop in sets it should reduce the local fatigue accumulation and illicit more efficient recovery come next session.


Anyway lets look at todays session


ex 1: flat smith press

1st 157.5x6 (0rir) - 2nd 150x7 (0rir) - 3rd 120x13 (2rir)


ex 2: incline db press

1st 50x8 (1rir) - 2nd 40x11 (1rir)


ex 3: iso shoulder press

1st 120x6 (1rir) - 2nd 80x12 (2rir)


ex 4: peck deck

1st 35x17 (3rir) - 2nd 25x21 (1rir)


ex 5: lying cuff crucifix

1st 10x20 (3rir) - 2nd 20x12 (2rir) - 3rd 15x16 (1rir) - 4th 10x28 (0rir)


ex 6: close grip cable tricep extensions

1st 40x17 (3rir) - 2nd 55x13 (2rir) - 3rd 50x15 (1rir)


ex 7: overhead tricep extensions

1st 40x15 (2rir) - 2nd 35x13 (2rir) - 3rd 30x20 (1rir)


That is my push session wrapped up, I will now add the load and reps so you guys can see exactly the progression I'm making week to week and conceptualise on how I making progression week to week with either load or repetitions.


I did make intra session auto-regulations with sets due to the regression and accumulation of fatigue from the 0rir sets. those auto-regulations where 

original set up of

ex 2 was 2 working and 1 back load

ex 3 was 2 working and 1 back load

as from above you can see I removed 1 working set from each exercise and this allowed me to hit my numbers on the remaining sets I had and bias the stimulus to fatigue ratio towards a stimuli which is exactly what I am seeking within a training session, so with the meticulous analysing and adjusting I managed to redeem myself in that session and turn a initial poor session into a relatively productive session.


As always if you guys have any questions please drop some questions in the REPLY section.



DATE: 20/9/19

meso cycle 12

Today was Legs B smith squat rotation

So this morning I woke up at 220.2lbs which is a 3lb drop as I reached 223lbs on the 18/9/19, yesterday was a rest day for myself and I left out cardio as I was doing a lot of NEAT with the current moving situation but I still went out for a 30 minute walk which clearly resulted in a scale weight reduction. I have highlighted this here as I will explain one key variable and its pivotal role it plays with indicating how a training performance will be and how it can be used to underline reasons to regression within a session

jumping straight into the workout this was how it was laid out today


ex 1: leg extensions 

1st 16x15 (3rir) - 2nd 18x12 (2rir) - 3rd 14x20 (0rir)


ex 2: smith squat

1st 195kgx8 (2rir) - 2nd 180kgx8 (1rir) 


ex 3: Db RDLs

1st 60kgx8 (2rir) - 2nd 50kgx13 (1rir)


ex 4: leg press

1st 400kgx9 (2rir) - 2nd 410kgx10 (1rir) - 3rd 380kgx15 (0rir)


ex 5: seated leg curl

1st 16x15 (3rir) - 2nd 17x10 (2rir) - 3rd 14-15 (0rir)


ex 6: standing calve raises

1st 150kgx12 (2rir) - 2nd 135kgx14 (1rir) - 3rd 115kgx16 (0rir)


ex 7: seated unilateral DB curls

1st 15kgx11 each arm - 2nd 12.5kgx14 each arm - 3rd 10kgx10*5 each arm      (*5 stands for partial reps)


ex 8: cable unilateral curl

1wm left arm: 11.25x14-4-4   -   right arm: 11.25x14-4-4            (WM stand for widow maker set)


That wraps up the workout, managed to hit Pb across the board with either reps, load or improvements to (RIR). 

the only struggle I had was when it come to the leg press 4th exercise in, the warm up sets where feeling extremely difficult and I knew the 400kg and 410kg was going to be psychologically fatiguing as I needed to dig deep down to find my inner hatred to get the progression. The question was WHY, why was it so challenging for me when I had nailed all other variables like, hydration, sleep, nutrition and stress management?


After looking back on my log book to previous rotation, I noticed last time I hit this rotation I was 222.6lbs and todays session I was 220.2lbs which is 2lbs of overall body weight lighter which is likely the main cause of a drop in strength within the session and this is a quintessential example as to why tracking every variable we can is absolutely imperative to highlighting where and why we hit a bump. If I hadn't had that log down I would still be scratching my head as to why that occurred.

So tracking your variables is not pointless or a waste of time, but in fact a key aspect to monitoring your progression and knowing what needs rectifying or additional attention to ensure the problem doesn't happen again


for any more questions on this or anything else please feel free to drop some comments below



Week 6/6 of the cruise phase


Meso cycle 1: Pull A RDLs rotation

So it's been a little while since I updated this section of my log I do apologise guys but its been a manic few weeks with business and moving but nonetheless I am here and lets delve straight into the exciting stuff your hear to read.

I am currently in my final week of this cruise phase, I have my medicheck blood work orders and hopefully will receive that within the next couple of days. The results will probably be posted in a weeks time so stay tuned for that as it will be the first time I document my blood work on any social media platform.

 I have also just finished a some what productive de-load phase, I say some what as the moving aspects created some additional unneeded stress but overall it was a good de-load and I am now physically primed to initiate this last push of 2020. I have been in the gym since Monday this week so this is my third session in and all things are going well thus far. Initially coming of the tail end of a de-load phase I scale volume back to my MEV (minimum effective volume) and from here gradually filter volume back. To understand my rationale & philosophy behind this then go and read up on the BENEFITS OF A DE-LOAD blog which is a sub category on the training principles section.

With that send obviously this means sessions are relatively easy as of yet with minimum volume but intensity will rapidly increment due to my intensity demands to elicit a novel stimulus is significantly high. That pretty much wraps up the introductory of my de-load and initial phases of the new meso so lets delve into the workout of today which saw the return of the RDLs (my absolute favourite exercise)


ex 1: High pull downs (unilateral aka one arm at a time)

w: 66.25kg x 7 - bl: 55kg x 11


ex 2: RDLs (video posted on instagram)

w: 200kg x 5 - bl: 170kg x 7


ex 3: D-handle cable lateral pull down (neutral grip)

1st: 92kg x 8


ex 4: Assisted D-handle pull ups

w: 7 x 11 (strapless)


ex 5: seated bench cable reverse flye (no attachments)

w: 2 x 15 - bl: 2 (+1.25kg) x 12


ex 6: D-handle cable EZ bar curls

w1: 30kg x 13 - w2: 25kg x 16 - bl: 15kg x 20


So as you can see volume is relatively low at the moment for me, but next week I will be adding in sets across the board, how many is completely dependent on my recovery and how I feel with each musculature. Overall the sessions have felt good and I have set myself a few foundation set points to work from which have already seen PBs, as a foundation point that is most definitely a good sign that the de-load was effective.

We now push on from here. 

As always you can follow more on my journey on instagram which is @trainedbywarrior92. If you have any questions also please drop the questions below and I will try help answer them as best as I can 


cheers guys

For anyone who is found to be misusing the forum for transaction purposes selling goods etc will be removed permanently as it is prohibited. If anyone is found mistreating any other members will be removed permanently as it is prohibited