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Week 4/8 of MESO CYCLE 1




What is up everybody, it has been a little while since I have updated you guys on my training so without further ado lets delve into things.


Today was Monday the first session of week 4, since I last updated the forum I have made rotation to my training split as I find with this novelty of the set up allows for more efficient recovery between sessions, like I trained pull today and then I don't hit back again until Friday in my Upper session which gives me 4 days sleep which is ample time to recover. I have also made intra cycle changes, most specifically to my training programme. The change made was my shrug RDLs has been replaced with conventional RDLs, Originally the set up had conventional RDLs in in rotation 1 and Shrug RDL in rotation 2. I began to notice that the shrug RDLs was accumulating too much systemic fatigue that it was taking away from my RDL, I was unable to progressively overload load on my RDLs which is a main compound I wanted to improve this Meso, so with the Shrug RDLs taking away from my RDL it wasn't productive and I have now made the changes and have RDLs in both rotation 1 & 2.

I am making great progress currently with both volume and relative intensity, however today I see a regression in my bicep work as total volume is relatively high and continuing to increase so recovery capabilities are being affected slightly therefore I have made the decision to increase my macros on training days, with 25g additional carbs added in (total net carbs: 575g)

This so suffice recovery capabilities going forward hopefully. 


Other than that things are all good within my sessions. I am keeping total volume relatively lower then the preceding meso as this meso im predominantly focusing on relative intensity, also to lift some weights I've never lifted before in my bodybuilding career. So keeping the volume relatively lower then normal will enable that to happen as overall increment in volume will increase accumulated fatigue and impede my recovery capabilities leaving me within an inability to increase intensity and the more intensity I apply the more fatigue I accrual and if I already have relatively high systemic fatigue the additional fatigue from the hard working sets will exceed my MRV and potentially see me overreach or overtrained. 


This is is for this update and if you guys have any questions please drop them below

Week 4/8 of MESO CYCLE 1




So today was Legs B rotation, which see the banded leg press make a return into my programme. The rationale to why it is back in is due to the slight lack in variability in my gym with exercise selection, so I have to be more creative and manipulate the resistance profile of exercise which will bring about new challenges and a novel stimulus.

Volume for my lower musculature has also been adjusted, with now 12 total quadriceps and 12 total hamstring sets in rotation B. Of course this is evenly disrupted across my two sessions within the microcycle (week).

Glute work remains at 5 total sets due to the axial loading (spine), with my current hip hinge variations on top of my hip thrust work any more will result in me exceeding my recovery capabilities and will then see regression in lifts. Plus after I have completed my main compound lifts like (squats, Leg press, RDLs, Db RDLs) my lower back is relatively fucked, then with hip thrusts thrown in towards the latter ends of the session, the cost of return will be inefficient.

so my current leg B session looks like this

Lying leg curl: 2w - 1bl set

Banded leg press: 1w - 1bl set

Seated curls: 2w - 1bl set

Unilateral leg press: 1w - 1bl set

Leg extensions: 1w - 1bl set

Adductors: 2w - 1bl set

Smith hip thrusts: 2w - 1bl set

Calve raises seated: 2w - 1bl set


Someone asked the other day for a explanation and break down to how I programme a session, so looking at my programme above you can see I initiate with a leg extensions (the second session will initiate with a curl as I like to alternate) but I initiate with this for two purposes. Firstly to warm up the joints for the compound work and secondly to to a degree pre-exhaust the quads for the leg press so the limiting factor becomes the quads which we want.

I then alternate from a quad focused exercises to a hamstring exercise back to a quad exercise, This is something I have done for a while and the rationale behind doing this is because I can donate a even amount of energy to all musculatures across the session in comparison to people who front load all their quad exercises and exert all their energy on the quad work leaving minimal resources for the hamstring work or visa versa, People wonder why a certain body part is lagging? So across the entire session I can provide a sufficient amount of intensity and perceived effort to each body part, eeking out maximal returns. 

Lastly finishing up with the exercises that don't demand as much energy or resources but yet I can still apply a sufficient amount of effort. 

There are other benefits to meticulous programming which I will cover with my push and pull sessions, but as you can see it does pay to have a good perception of your training programme and how to eek out the most from that session and proceeding sessions. 


Any questions please feel free to ask and I will get back to you

19/11/19    Meso cycle 2 week 1

training split: Pull, Push, Legs, Rest, Upper, Lower A&B rotation

Gym: Oakley fitness

This is Push A incline barbell press rotation.


So I have just come off the tail end of the De-load phase plus a viral infection which resulted to 7 consecutive days off from training so I'm feel extremely good at the moment, rejuvenated and recovered. I was in today for my Push A of the week which sees some novel variations introduced from the preceding meso. The main focus of today was the incline barbell press which I haven't done in almost 2 years I would say, simply due to a chronic minor anterior delt injury that always impede my abilities to press efficiently without any discomfort. But two years later I have gained an exceptional amount of information and know have wider concept of training science principles, biomechanics and resistance training. With this information I thought I would reintroduce the barbell incline press and see what I can do, see if I can exceed my previous capabilities with correct technique, execution and warm up scheme now. 

So far things seem ok, obviously its very early stages to be making any worth bragging about but the main thing is I felt comfortable and found a robust neurological adaptation (mind-muscle connection) with the exercise. 

the layout of todays push session looked like this:

seated iso chest press (pin loaded)

1w - 1bl set: stack + 15kg x 7 - full stack x 11

this is a novel variation, so just finding the foundation set point for load, overall it felt considerably good and im content with this variation and excited to see what I can do.


incline barbell press:

1w - 1bl: 110kg x 7 - 100kg x 10

This surprisingly felt ok as mentioned above, im looking forward to seeing what numbers I can bring this up to.


shoulder press: pin loaded

1w - 1bl: stack + 15kg x 8 - no19 x 13


I noticed some fatigue creeping in once I got onto this exercise, so with the incline press in I believe I will have to keep volume relatively low in comparison in order to ensure I'm progressively growing, while mitigating injuries. Im currently doing 4 total sets for anterior delts and I believe it will stay on that, they will have some recruitment from upper clavicular fibre cable work and even the pressing work to a degree.


peck deck flye: pin loaded

1w: 30kg x 20

Nothing much to report here, it felt good a nice pump which is great to attain when working within the pump, metabolite summation rep ranges of 15+


lying cuff crucifix: (cable - pin loaded)

1w - 1bl: 25kg x 16 - 20kg x 19


Personally one of my favourite exercises for the medial delt, the connection through the contractile range is delicious and the manipulation of the resistance profile aligns beautifully with my strength profile making this a very efficient and effective exercise, as the load drops off towards the top (shortest range) which is where essentially I am weaker, and the tension catches on around the mid range where I'm essentially my strongest. the position of the cuffs also reduces the moment arms which reduces the joint pressure meaning I mitigate any chances of injuries.


vertical cable tricep extensions

1w - 1bl: 15kg x 17 pa (per arm) - 10kg x 22 pa


machine tricep dips: plate loaded

1w: 130kg x 10


both tricep variations where really nice, the vertical cable extensions I did auto regulate from horizontal cable tricep extensions, due to the inability to contract the tricep heads efficiently plus the set up and stimulus was hard to feel. If something doesn't feel right then it makes sense to auto-regulate rather then trying to force yourself through it, emotional biases happens all to often in this game and it inhibits many people from excelling at what they want which in essence is hypertrophy. So if its broken fix it!


That is pretty much it for todays workout, I will be doing more updates like this every week. I you like this form of content please let me know by drop a comment.


any questions please ask



24/11/19    Meso cycle 2 week 1

training split: Pull, Push, Legs, Rest, Upper, Lower A&B rotation

Gym: Oakley fitness

This is Lower A Unilateral leg press rotation

That is a wrap of the initial week of meso cycle 2, ll in all the week has been a solid week. Very content with the numbers set for the foundation of this meso with some numbers matching previous numbers towards the end of the meso but now with relative ease or a better internal feel (mind-muscle connection). 

Today was touch up work for my legs with some arms top up work added on at the end. With my first leg session of the week I have leg press as my main compound, I have no hip hinge variants in this session like squats or RDLs as I have Deadlifts in my pull A which is on Monday and then hitting legs A two days later after 2 sleeps it wouldn't be a sufficient amount of time for recovery. In todays lower A session I have the following exercise programmed in

Leg extension (plate loaded): 2 sets

unilateral leg press: 1 set

unilateral lying leg curl: 2 sets

v-squat: 1 set

unilateral seated leg curl: 2 sets

smith hip thrusts: 1 set

abductors: 3 sets

standing calve raises: 2 sets

tricep cable dual extensions: 2 sets

d-handle cable curls: 2 sets


the only hip hinge variant here is the v-squat but I still have support from the pad to keep my spinal vertebra protected and unmoved which will mitigate axial loading (loading to the lower back & spine) which will mitigate CNS fatigue which works in my favour as two sleeps later I have SL (stiff leg) deadlifts, so this current set up is working in my favour and my abilities to progress sets across the board and recovery efficiently between sessions is sub-optimal.

This meso I'm keeping total volume relatively lower on some musculatures to help drive up load on certain lifts for example my anterior delt work I have brought down to 3 total sets to help drive up my incline bench press, for lower back loading I have reduces glute work and hip hinge movements in my leg days like smith hip thrusts for glutes, also squats. Im hoping to drive up my SLDL and conventional deadlift to some numbers which I've never touched before. 

only my actions will manifest what happens within the gym come the end of this meso. 

As for this session there was no impressive lifts as in the initial week after a De-load I like to slowly filter intensity back in to prevent exertion headaches occur which is prevalent for most after 4-7 days straight off from training (exertion headaches being a huge build up of blood pressure in the brain). As well I don't want to drive myself into the ground straight out the gate, that would just be counter productive and potentially mean less time spent in accumulation weeks (growing). 


As the weeks go on the lifts will become more exciting and I will continue to update you guys on here.


any question please ask.

26/11/19    Meso cycle 2 week 1

training split: Pull, Push, Legs, Rest, Upper, Lower A&B rotation

Gym: Oakley fitness

This is Push B incline dumbbell press rotation


Today was a considerably productive session, seeing as I had to auto-regulate time of the session, normally I would train after 2 meals (11:30am-12pm) but due to work related things I needed to complete I had to push my workout to the evening. I tend to notice my sessions lack productivity in the evenings as the gym is relatively busy, I've consumed more calories but most is just psychological. I have a routing that I stick to religiously 90% of the time so it just throws me off when it auto-regulated but as I said it was a very good session. I have drove volume up for my pressing work from 10 total sets to 12 (2 additional sets in todays session). I find 6 pressing movements twice per week sits perfectly with my capabilities (MRV = maximum recoverable volume). I have reduce total sets for my shoulder pressing work due to barbell press being in, from anecdotal experience I know that if hit my MRV for should press work it takes away from my pressing work as its too much stress on the shoulder joint and inevitably I run into niggles which leads to regression on exercises, so this Meso I have reduced shoulder pressing work from 5 total sets to 3, Ive kept my pressing work at my MRV. Hopefully this should permit me the ability to drive my incline press load right up and exceed my all time bests (touching weights ive never touched before) which essentially is the goal.


This is how the session looked:


Incline smith press: 2 sets 

W: 120kg x 8 (felt very smooth and solid execution)

Bl: 100kg x 12 (again things where feeling exceptionally good and moving nicely)


Incline db press: 2 sets

W: 55kg x 7*1 (considering last meso towards the end I was hitting 55kg x 8, with a lot of difficult and accumulated fatigue, this moved easily)

bl: 45kg x 10 (again for the initial phases into the new meso I managed to progress my bl set and it felt very light, these are good signs of some impressive progression on the horizon)


Shoulder press (plate loaded): 2 sets

W: 125kg x 8 (last meso I ended this on 130kg for 6/7 reps, this 125kg moved so good I actually stopped 2 shy of true failure, so again signs that new tissue has been recruited)

bl: 110kg x 10*1 (Since adjusting the total volume, im already seeing my numbers fly up and no niggles so far).


cable fly seated bench: 2 sets

W: 20kg x 18 (normally by this point my shoulder joints are completely taxed and my ability to get any efficient contraction is inefficient due to my shoulders being the limiting factor but here everything felt so good, the internal feel was the best its been)

bl: 15kg x 23 ( same as above internal feel was unreal, no exaggerations)


standing cuff side laterals: 3 sets

w1:10kg x 17*1 (all felt great, the only limiting factor was my spinal vertebra, it was fatigued from yesterdays pull and I could feel it on this exercise as I had no spinal stability)

w2: 15kg x 8*1

bl: 10kg 12*2


dual rope cable tricep extensions: 2 sets

W: 50kg x 11 (nothing major to report here, this is one of my favourite tricep variations and as always it felt great, numbers are up by 10kg as well which im pleased with)

bl: 40kg x 14


dual rope overhead extension: 2 sets

W: 35kg x 11 (this was a novel variation and it actually felt surprisingly nice)

bl: 45kg x 11 (anything lower then 35kg just felt too light so had to increment load here but next rotation I will begin with 40kg and back ff to the 35 and drive those numbers up, after some time getting use to the exercise)


Thats pretty much it, any questions fire them over


29/11/19    Meso cycle 2 week 2

training split: Pull, Push, Legs, Rest, Upper, Lower A&B rotation

Gym: Oakley fitness

This is Upper B rotation


Today I was in for my second upper lot of work of the week, This set up obviously allows me to hit each body part twice in one week with two rest days which works perfectly for me and my requirements. With the two sessions per week for each body part it gives me the ability to expose that musculature to a stimulus more frequent which studies have shown the more times you can expose a musculature the more optimal hypertrophy you will see. As for todays session everything was firing perfectly and all lifts felt impeccable, to the point where I didn't want to record anything for my instagram stories due to being in that zone and not wanting to be subtracted from it. 

I have made recent adjustments to my exercise order on my upper days, that being front loading my compound exercise, an example being today's session looked like this; rows (close grip) 2 sets

140kg x 7 (this is in fact weight I've never touched before on this exercise variant, form wasn't particular brilliant but next rotation improving form will be the focus)

120kg x 10 (my all time best was 125kg x 8 reps, so to touch 120kg x 10 with relative ease left me pleasantly happily)


Flat db bench press: 2 sets

60kg x 8 (I matched number from previous rotation as well as load, but this time round it felt exceptionally comfortable and easy so the goal was go up)

65kg x 6 (the goal was 5 reps but I managed to eek out 6, I'm going to say 5 and  1 assisted as I had a spotter over me slightly helping with that last rep)


Incline db press (anterior delt) 1 set

42.5kg x 10 (the warm up cumulation & feeler sets was slightly miss judged as I touched the 45kg and it felt extremely heavy for my targeted rep range (10-15). so I ended up backing off to 42.5kg and hit a challenging 10)


Cable flye: 4 sets

11.25kg x 14

13.75kg x 11

8.75kg x 17*1

So with 2 working sets and one back off set, how it is set up for me is the initial set I will aim for 12-15 reps, I then go into a second working set therefore the load would titrate up as I need to be working harder then the initial set, the rep range here would be around 9-12 and then the back off set is where I titrate down to the lightest load of the sets but by this point my musculature is 80% fatigue so the light set will still feel relatively heavy (challenging) the rep range for this set would be 15+, this methodology allows for all muscular fibres to be stimulated and recruited, hypothetically leaving no fibres left for recruitment.  I say hypothetically because the propensity of some going all the way there with that intensifier is rare, but my goal is always to get a proximity to that point as best as I can.


peck deck flye: 1 set

45kg 13 (I do two horizontal pressing movements as an additional compound would accumulate too much fatigue systemically)


Seated wide d-handle pull downs: 3 sets

140kg x 11

165kg x 6 ( new weight here but I wasn't overly satisfied with the form, next rotation I will match load and improve the internal feel (connection) )

120kg x 16


bench reverse flye: 3 sets

10kg x 16

20kg x 7

15kg x 10*1

here with the back load set I stayed higher then the initial working set as the load was light and I believed anything lower then 10kg would've been junk volume.


Seated cuff crucifix: 2 sets

15 x 12*1

7.5kg x 22*1


So as you can see I front load the three compounds of the day while I have most efficient energy & strength capacity available, then the rest of the session is essentially the accessory/touch up work.


that is it for this training log update, as always if you have any questions fire them over

10/12/19    Meso cycle 2 week 4

training split: Pull, Push, Legs, Rest, Upper, Lower A&B rotation

Gym: Oakley fitness

This is Push B rotation


This is properly one of my favourite set ups (exercise selection & order wise), the set up has been done so preciously to give me the ability to drive numbers up with relative ease each week plus reduce any niggles or exasperating the pain of long term injuries I've suffered with (mainly my left anterior delt). All in all everything is good and I'm very happy with progression being accrued this Meso. Lets delve straight into the session for today.


total set per body part per week are:

Chest: 12

anterior delts: 3

medial delts: 7

Triceps: 7


Incline smith chest press: 2 sets

140kg x 3

105kg x 13

The initial working set was a PB and all time new weight touched on the incline variant, the 3 reps I'm very happy with, next rotation I will bring load down to 135kg and aim for about 10 reps then move back up to the 140kg which should see me accrue 2/3 additional reps. This a strategy I like to use to elicit potentiation, which is increasing the effect/power of your physiology, in essence meaning you get stronger for the next set. 


Incline DB press: 2 sets

60kg x 6*1

45kg x 14

The goal was for 60kg x 5 but managed to hit 6*1 which I was very happy about. Next rotation I will match load and aim for 7+ reps, as for the back load set I matched load and accrued 4 additional reps . So far the session was going to plan, I could tell it was going to be one of them ones where thing's are just going to click.


Shoulder press (plate loaded variation): 2 sets

130kg x 6

110kg 8 (regression)

working set was a PB in load by 5kg, reps where down by 2 but the main thing is there was still progression via intensity. unfortunately the back load set saw a regression, load remained the same but reps was down by 2.


Cabe flyes (standing): 2 sets

25kg x 18*1

20kg x 20


Again more Pbs achieved across both sets, the initial working set went up by 5kg and my last rotations working set became my back load set, last rotation the working set I got 20kg x 18, this back load set after being more fatigued I managed to hit 20 reps. 


Standing cable side raises: 4 sets

12.5kg x 15

15kg x 10

10kg x 10*4

5kg x 20


This is the maximum amount of sets I will hit on any given exercise, less for multi musculature exercises like squats or deadlifts as the propensity of me progression on 3+ sets is slim plus the amount of neurological fatigue will take away from my other exercise, but seeing as this was only a small musculature it is an exception. 


Dual rope extensions: 3 sets

55kg x 10

45kg x 11

30kg x 16


all three sets saw progression, 1st set was an increment in load 5kg, 2nd set was increment in load 5kg and the 3rd set same a match in load with 4 additional reps.


Dual overhead extensions: 2 sets

23.75kg x 10

18.25kg x 15

Here I had to use a different machine as the normal one was being used, so the load set up was slightly different, all in all the where to strong Sets.



that is is a wrap for this sessions, any questions please feel free to drop some below. 

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