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7/1/20  Meso cycle 3 week 2

training split: Pull, Push, Legs, Rest, Upper, Lower A&B rotation

Gym: Oakley fitness

This is Pull B rotation

What is up guy's and girls, so today was one of my best sessions of 2020, a great start to this new meso and the new year. So going into this meso I was still relatively fatigued after a 4 day de-load (completely off from training) with me now being in a deficit, the systemic fatigue hanging around is obviously not conducive so my thought process for this first 6 -8 weeks was to bring my volume down to my MEV, which will grant me the ability to drive up strength while simultaneously having sufficient amount of time for recovery as the volume Im currently doing is going to be predominantly stimulative as opposed to fatiguing. It is so far working perfectly as predicted. Numbers are flying up like crazy, I feel more fresh going into each session, my sleep has improved and on top of that I'm losing weight. This is the main thing I love about bodybuilding, is persistently figuring out what is best for myself for optimal growth, experimenting with different methodologies and underlining what actually work and what didn't. 


But anyway lets delve into the training session,


Deadlifts: 1 set

250kg x 4

go to my instagram page @trainedbywarrior92 to see this set and also me talking about the build up to it. 


H.S bilateral rows: 1 set

165kg x 6

this saw a progression via load by 15kg, again as mentioned above strength is flying, and this set honestly felt better then the 150kg and when the set feels better when its heavier that's a great place to be.


Cable lat pull down (d-handle attachment): 2 sets

125.5kg x 8

100kg x 13

Quite a difficult exercise to explain on here as to the set up, this is why I advise people to follow me on instagram as I upload my workouts on there. But both sets where a progression, initial set saw the full stack + 25kg plate (new load), back load set also saw a new load of full stack. Contraction was beautiful on this, personally one of my favourite variants for lats.


Close grip pull downs: 2 sets

97kg x 7

77kkg x 12

Last meso i was doing more volume work for this exercise which was 55kg x 24, but now I have gone back to greater intensity as shown. I felt that the higher rep range for my back especially towards the end of the session wasn't bringing me any additional benefits plus it was hard to get a good mind-muscle connection.


Seated cable reverse fly: 3 sets

6.875kg x 17

9.375kg x 11

6.25kg x 16

Unfortunately I didn't have any cuffs accessible so hand to use no attachment which saw a drop in load, due to the resistance profile being inefficient when holding the cable as opposed to using cuffs attached at the elbow crease. I immediately purchased some that evening so problem has been solved. 


DB curls seated: 3 sets

15kg x 19

25kg x 5

20kg x 11

Ive swapped standing curls for seated due to my back was feeling fatigued doing them standing. Seated creates more stability through my spine meaning I don't fatigue it as much and create more force production through my biceps aka more growth.


Cable unilateral curls: 3 sets

30kg x 19

45kg x 8

35kg x 14


calve raises: 1 set

87.5 x 24

one set of calves chucked on the end of the session to make up for my total volume across the week.



that is the session, the 250kg deadlift was the mini win for the day which I was so happy about. As always any questions about my training programme set up, order, philosophy or anything else please ask.


13/1/20  Meso cycle 3 week 3

training split: Pull, Push, Legs, Rest, Upper, Lower A&B rotation

Gym: Oakley fitness

This is Lower B rotation


What is up guy's & girls, here is another training log update with Lower B. I had to make some auto-regulatory adjustments to my training due to Saturday coming down with some flu like symptoms, many will say "oh just man up and get on with it" but when your head is throbbing like crazy, knowing that you have to hit big numbers which is only going to exacerbate the pain which could potentially lead to further time off from training. So Saturday would've been my Lower day ended up being hit yesterday (Monday). It was most definitely a great decision made as the rest of Saturday I got progressively worse, however come Sunday I felt better due to prioritising recovery. 
Anyway lets delve into the training session. 


Lower B V.squat rotation


Seated leg curls: 2 sets

stack+25kg x 7 (matched load +3 reps)

stack+15kg x 11 (matched load +2)

Personally I like to also start with a hamstring variation to ensure everything is warmed up efficiently before going into my main compound of the day, I also like to alternate from a hamstring to Quad exercise then back to hamstring so on. 


V.Squat: 2 sets (banded)

260kg x5 (progress in load by 10kg)

220kg x11 (matched load +3 reps)

I have maxed this machine out with just load, unfortunately this variant only stacks a max of 300kg, so I now have included accommodated resistance through bands, manipulating the strength profile, now making it heavy - medium - light, meaning at the top of the range the load is heaviest, the mid point load is mediocre and at the bottom it is lightest. My strength profile is Weak - medium - strong, so in essence that would make the resistance profile not align with my strength profile but in this scenario I want this to happen as I want to challenge myself more through the contractile range (where i'm weakest).


Lying leg curls: 3 sets

13x14 (matched load +2 reps)



This rotation I am focusing on more volume on the initial two sets, so load is relatively lower to accrual more reps, the final set is predominantly focusing on a tempo of 3:3 to ensure I have recruited every last fibre, hence the reduction in reps for the third set. This is just something I'm doing to find novel ways to stimulate the targeted muscle as im very limited with exercise selection so I have to get creative with the exercises I have. 


Leg extensions: 3 sets

16x16 (up the stack by 1)

stack+10kgx10 (matched load +2 reps)

17x13 (matched load + reps) but form was much better this time round


Preacher curls: 1 set

22.5kg x24 (matched load +4 reps)


Overhead tricep extensions dual rope: 1 set

28kg x 16 (matched load +3 reps)


reverse peck deck flye: 4 sets

45kg x 14

50kg x 10

40kg x 11

30kg x 15

For myself i can get away with more volume for m posterior delts, Im hitting a total of 7 total sets. I also like to throw them on the end of my lower session as I have the ability to get a more effective mind-muscle connection as they're not fatigued from my pulling sessions which makes it harder t get any kind of stimulus rendering the sets a waste essentially. This is more of a individualised aspect, what works here for me might not work for you so don't take this a gospel information. 



As always, any questions please let me know in the comments below

21/1/20  Meso cycle 3 week 4

training split: Pull, Push, Legs, Rest, Upper, Lower A&B rotation

Gym: Oakley fitness

This is Push B rotation


So after spending the weekend written off with a flu, Ive managed to get back into the gym since yesterday. I had a total of 3 consecutive days off from training, Appetite was completely gone, I also lost 1lb from the underconsumption of food. Nonetheless I'm back in the gym and things are all back on track.

Today was Push B rotation with Incline dumbbell press programmed in, Ive currently been struggling the last 3 weeks to progress on this variation, I've been running with this variant for the last 10 weeks and unfortunately you cannot linearly progress on one variation for prolonged period Time. There will come a point where you stagnate & there is no novel stimuli created, this will ultimately lead to diminishing returns. You often see people trying to manipulate execution set up, which fundamentally is changing the exercise entirely, or you'll notice people changing the methodical approaching to the set from a straight set to like a drop set, or super set so on and so forth. These are all great alternatives to achieving progressive overload, however for myself I can't afford to do drop sets or rest pause sets due to being in a caloric deficit setting, so with all this said the solution for myself is to drop out this variant, replacing it with something else then come back to it in say 10 or so weeks. The rationale behind this is that when I come back to it my body will have forgot the motor patterns of the variation rendering it a novel stimuli again, my strength inevitably will increase from other variation providing I'm progressing efficiently, so theoretically I will have the ability to start with a higher load and then hopefully exceed the sticking point Im currently struggling with.


With all that said lets have a look at the session


Smith flat press: 2 sets

165kg x 2*1

130kg x 11

Unfortunately the working set I misgauged my loading relative to the preceding rotation. I hit 155kg x 5, I wanted only a 5kg increment but some how messed up the maths of the load and stacked 10kg which reflected in my strength capacity. I redeemed myself on the back load set by going to true failure which also was a 5kg increment in load. The tradeoff from these sets was it generated an accumulation of fatigue which inevitably is going to be carried over to my incline press (the exercise im currently struggling with). So some would say the initial exercise was the limiting factor of the second exercise, regardless of those hypothesis I still want to drop out the exercise as I'm not willing to risk a 4th week of regression.


Incline dumbbell press: 2 sets

65kg x 2*1

50kg x 13

So 3 weeks prior I managed to get 4*1 reps, the following week I got 3*1, then this week 2*1 so its apparent that Ive been regressing. So these are now out as of next week.

Back load set is an additional set as net volume as gone up, so I set the baseline of 50kg x 13 reps. 


Seated shoulder press: 2 sets

stack + 25kg x 7

stack + 15kg x 9


Peck deck fly: 3 sets

60kg x 12

50kg x 15

40kg x 20

each set I matched load and accrued more reps (+1 rep per each set minus the 3rd set) 3rd set was an additional set so again setting baseline numbers.


Standing cuff raises: 4 sets

17.5kg x 15

20kg x 10*1

15kg x 13*1

10kg x 19 (5 parshals)

The initial set I increased load by 2.5kg, I was shy of last weeks reps by 2. All remaining sets I matched load and accrued more reps.


Overhead tricep extensions: 3 sets

60kg x 13

65kg x 7

50kg x 11 (5 parshals)


Machine dips: 1 set

140kg x 13

Here I managed to increment load by 10kg but unfortunately fell shy of last rotations reps by 2. 



This is it for todays training session, as for total volume per body part at the minute its currently sitting at:

Chest: 13

Back: 16

Triceps: 8

Biceps: 8

Anterior delt: 3

Posterior delt: 8

Medial delt: 8

Quads: 13

Hamstrings: 11

Glutes: 4

Adductors: 2

Abductors: 2

Calves: 6 



any questions please feel free to ask. 


24/1/20  Meso cycle 3 week 4

training split: Pull, Push, Legs, Rest, Upper, Lower A&B rotation

Gym: Oakley fitness

This is Upper B rotation


Today saw what was possibly one of my most challenge sessions so far of the year. Upper B with a total volume of 23 sets (this is total not per body part). But nonetheless it was very physically & psychologically challenging. The volume has recently gone up and will most likely stay to this amount due to the current phase that I'am in, that being a deficit and body weight gradually decreasing. 

My current total volume is

Chest: 13

Back: 16

Biceps: 8

Triceps: 8

Anterior delts: 3

Posterior delts: 8

Medial delts: 8

Quads: 13

Hamstrings: 11

Adductors: 3

Abductors: 3

Calves: 6


Lets delve into the session of today rows: 2 sets

147.5kg x 6

135kg x 9

Both sets saw a matched load with 3 additional reps on the working set and 1 additional rep on the back load, all in all Both sets felt great with execution, load and efforts.


Flat dumbbell: 2 sets

70kg x 3

60kg x 10*1

Im currently having some difficulties with progressing my dumbbell work, mainly due to using this variants for a prolonged period now, something I mentioned in the preceding log update. So the 70kg saw a regression by 1 rep, however the back load set saw a match in load with 1 additional rep


Iso shoulder press (plate loaded): 1 set

110kg x 17

This set the focus is on higher rep range (15-20), this week I managed to increase load by 5kg with matched repetitions. 


Seated cable flye: 3 sets

30kg x 15

32.5kg x 10

25kg x 18


All 3 sets saw a progression with repetitions, the second working set saw a progression in load also by 2.5kg. Overall I was very happy with these sets especially after the frustration of the dumbbell work.


Wide grip pull down: 3 sets

170kg x 5

150kg x 11

125kg x 14

This exercise saw some disappointment with progression, set 1 saw a match in load and reps, set 2 saw a progression in reps with 1 additional rep, with the back load set seeing matched load and reps. This is largely due to some systemic fatigue and inefficient recovery from the deadlift work in the week (something I discussed on my instagram)


Close grip cable rows: 3 sets

97kg x 11

119kg x 7

87kg x 11

Set 1 & 2 saw matched load with 1 additional rep accrued and the back load set was a new set so was setting baselines for future sessions. 


Seated cuff laterals: 4 sets

15kg x 16

17.5kg x 15

15kg x 15

12.5kg x 15

With this exercise I have relatively higher volume then normal, simple due to the musculature having the ability to take on more volume in one go, without it being too fatiguing. All sets saw match load with 1 or 2 additional reps accrued. Again with it being a smaller musculature in comparison I find more metabolite work (higher volume) is more conducive, plus the pumps are delicious. 


Dual rope cable tricep extensions: 2 sets

35kg x 22

30kg x 16/8

Arm work has been disrupted across 3 sessions now, that being for triceps: push/upper/lower & biceps: pull/legs/lower. The frequency is too reduce the total volume across some sessions plus gives me the ability to stimulate the arms directly more frequently, providing a higher possibility or a greater MPS & muscular adaptation (growth)


calve raises: 3 sets

45kg x 18

55kg x 15

60kg x 13

set 1 saw an increase in load with 1 additional rep accrued, set 2 saw a match in load with 3 additional reps accrued, and the final set saw a match in load with 2 additional reps. 


As for a summary, it was a great session with some minor frustrations. Now we focus on tomorrows leg session.

You can also see the highlights of my workouts on my instagram @trainedbywarrior92. 


any questions please ask away



28/1/20  Meso cycle 3 week 5

training split: Pull, Push, Legs, Rest, Upper, Lower A&B rotation

Gym: Oakley fitness

This is Pull A rotation


What is up everyone, so it is a new week of Meso 3. Some adjustments have been to over variables so I will update my other log for you guys to see what's happening with the likes of

  • cardio
  • nutrition
  • supplementation
  • steps

Back to today's training session, the only change was the deadlift variation, from an analytical perspective of my recovery I noticed a slight diminish in performance across the micro (week), this is largely due to the deadlifts which is contributing to the allostatic load I'm experiencing. With body down and adjustments made to my caloric intake, it's not conducive for me to keep pulling from the floor. I had two options which were to drop out the deadlift pull from the floor completely or manipulate the variation. 

In all honesty I currently have a emotional attachment to the deadlifts with my numbers flying up so I didn't really want to pull it out, I decided to make a manipulation to the variation which would reduce the neurological & systemic fatigue while concurrently keeping a deadlift variant in. I am now performing a platform deadlift which sees me placing the bar on two 25kg rubber plates (the set up is almost identical to a rack pull), What this does is reduces the distance I'm working through, also taking predominantly my hamstrings & glutes & quads to some degree out of the movement, reducing the fatigue to those musculatures and also reducing the systemic fatigue due to less time spent under tension because the distances has reduced. This shouldn't see a hinder in my recovery capabilities across the week, allowing me to keep this in for say about another 4-5 weeks before I'll have to make further adjustments. 


So this is how the session looked like


Platform deadlifts: 1 set

230kg x 10

The focus is to reduce the intensity slightly and accrue more repetitions, this is baseline numbers so come next rotation I will aim for a 12 rep set then increment load.


Unilateral high pull down: 2 sets

77.5kg x 5 per arm

57.5kg x 13 per arm

working set saw an increment in load by 2.5kg, the back load set I matched load & accrued more repetitions (+2 each arm)


Conventional lat pull down: 2 sets

107kg x 7

80.75kg x 11*1

The working set did see a regression in load but this was intentional as warming up I felt weaker, the focus was 109.5kg x 6. So I decided to drop the load 2.5kg & accrue more reps then the previous rotation numbers. Back off set saw an increment in load (1.25kg with 1 rep shy from last rotations reps)


Close grip pull downs: 3 sets

77kg x 12

99.5kg x 5*1

67kg x 14

the initial working set saw a match in load with 1 additional rep, my note I left was tempo was relatively faster then last week. the 2nd working set say matched load & reps which left me extremely frustrated as I wanted 6. I managed to redeem myself with the back load set which saw a match in load with 1 additional rep.


Preacher curl: 3 sets

30kg x 14

25kg x 17

20kg x 20*1

Each set I matched load on all three sets, the 1st & 2nd set saw 1 additional rep increase, the 3rd set saw 2 additional rep increase 


Cable D-handle curls: 1 set

17.5kg x 14

This saw a match in load with 3 additional reps increase. 


Calve raises seats: 2 sets

45kg x 18

30kg x 15/10 (hit as many reps as possible, rest 10 seconds and go again proxy to true failure



any questions please hit me up in the comments below

31/1/20  Meso cycle 3 week 5

training split: Pull, Push, Legs, Rest, Upper, Lower A&B rotation

Gym: Oakley fitness

This is Upper A rotation


Another session completed of week 5, today was slightly challenging more so psychologically than physically. Im far from that stage of being physically impacted by the deficit so on and so forth. This was an unusual feeling & unexplainable situation as all other variables have been on point. Nonetheless the job got down, yes some days you will feel tired but you must NEVER quit, that is not negotiable. 

Todays upper session saw a net total of 23 sets which is a relatively high amount for myself, but needs must. Body weight was 223lbs this morning which saw a 1lb increment from yesterday which could be caused by absolutely anything. 

Regardless of all that, lets have a look at todays session,


T.Bar rows: 2 sets

145kg x 7

125kg x 11

I brought the working set load down by 2.5kg to try and accrue more reps to beat my previous numbers on 145kg (which was 6 reps), simply because psychologically I knew I didn't have it in me to hit a 147.5kg without compromising form.

Back load set so a progression in reps by 1 so overall both sets saw progression which was a great start to the workout


Flat bench smith press: 2 sets

155kg x 5

140kg x 9

working set saw a match in load & reps, the back load set saw a match in load with 1 additional rep. 


Isolated shoulder press (plate loaded): 1 set

112.5kg x 13

With it only being 1 working set, I am focusing on a higher rep range (15-20). this was a increase in load 7.5kg for 13 reps, I will match this load next time and try and get into the 15 reps


Incline cable flye: 3 sets

25kg x 12

20kg x 18

16.25kg x 24


Peck deck flye (pin loaded): 1 rest pause

65kg x 12/5/4


This was an additional set to complete my net total volume for chest which currently stands at 13 total sets across two sessions. So I was just setting my foundation set point for load, next rotation I will match load and try improve the 2nd & 3rd mini set.


Unilateral pull machine (pin loaded) : 3 sets

8 x 10 per arm

10 x 6 per arm

7 x 13 per arm

the initial set saw a increase in load with the same reps, the 2nd set saw a match in load but unfortunately a regression in reps by 1, the 3rd set saw a match in load and reps. This is a relatively difficult challenge as the resistance profile doesn't match up well with my strength profile and by this point in the session systemic fatigue has really kicked in. I will keep an eye on set exercise and will either take it out completely or change its order in the session.


Close grip rows: 3 sets

107kg x 12

117kg x 6

89.5kg x 12


Seated crucifix laterals: 3 sets

11.25kg x 20

20kg x 10

15kg x 14

The initial set saw an increase in reps (9 reps), the 2nd set saw an increment in load (5kg), the 3rd set saw a match in load with 2 additional reps


Overhead extensions (dual rope): 2 sets

28 x 20

38.5 x 7


The initial set saw a match in load with 3 additional reps, the 2nd set saw an increment in load 4kg with 1 rep shy of last rotations numbers. 


That is pretty much it for this session, overall it was a good session minus the fact I felt slightly off psychologically.

any question that you have please drop them down below

3/2/20  Meso cycle 3 week 6

training split: Pull, Push, Legs, Rest, Upper, Lower A&B rotation

Gym: Oakley fitness

This is Push B rotation


Today was a fantastic session, For those who have been following my journey for a long time either via youtube content or on my Instagram, you will understand the frustration I endure with almost all of my push sessions. My chest is inferior to any other body part in regards to strength capacity & even down to the ability to create an efficient mind-muscle connection, However with that said today I dominated it, ticking every box.

The last few weeks every variable has been nailed sleep, stress management, supplementation, jabs, nutrition, cardio & NEAT, this just manifests the importance of making sure you're on point with everything and in return it will reflect in your sessions, although I will point out that regardless of me personally being consistent with every variable I still 99% of the time will have a frustrating push workout. This session everything was just firing on top of all variables being nailed. 


Todays session


Flat smith press: 2 sets

155kg x 6

142.5kg x 9

For 2 weeks I was stuck on 155kg and couldn't surpass 4/5 reps, But I refused to reduce the load on any working sets so 2 weeks I pushed up to 165kg for sets of 2/3. Today I came back to touch the 155kg and managed to accrual 2 additional reps. Absolutely other the moon, to be honest it felt relatively easy as well.

The second set also saw a micro increment (2.5kg total) & managed to snatch 1 additional rep from my last rotation numbers. A great start


Incline smith press: 2 sets

125kg x 8

115kg x 10

So I have replaced the incline Dumbbell press for a incline smith as similar to the flat smith, Ive been stuck on a certain weight, but for a little bit longer then 2 weeks so I decided to remove it for the remaining of this meso and nexts then I will reintroduce it and hopefully exceed my numbers. with that said this two sets were novel sets so I was finding my foundation set points with load. These were great numbers to work from


Seated shoulder press (dead pause): 2 sets

stack + 20kg x 6

stack + 10kg x 10

So with me having to load this machine up with additional plates & dumbbells, I ran out of space to load the stack up & it also was causing a lot of friction so ive decided to opt for dead pause sets. Taking the momentum out of the exercise making it more challenging. So again it was a novel variant rendering the numbers hit my foundation set points to work from.


Seated cable flye: 3 sets

20kg x 14

15kg x 19

20kg x 18

So im currently using a cuff variation for this exercise to take out my wrists & also manipulating the resistance profile to make the exercise more efficient. I will have to admit the contraction of my chest is by far the best contraction I have had in a while. I really love this variation with the cuffs. 

The initial working set took me some time finding the best bench set up & mechanical set up. As you can see the back load set I managed to accrue more reps with the same load.


Standing cable flye: 1 rest pause set

25kg x 15/7/7


I took 1 set out of my upper session due to the fact I have 24 total sets in that session and only 17 sets in this push session (now a total of 18 sets). with it only being 1 set I made it into a rest pause set so I could accrue more volume in the one set. This is my foundation set point for load, next rotation I will focus on increasing the reps for the second & third mini set before incrementing load.


Standing cuff side laterals: 4 sets

17.5kg x 16

20kg x 11

15kg x 16

12.5kg x 15

The initial working set I incremented load by 2.5kg & manage to accrue 2 additional reps

2nd set I matched load & accrued 1 additional rep

3rd set I matched load & accrued 1 additional rep

4th set I incremented load by 2.5kg & managed to match reps from last rotation


Overhead extensions (dual rope): 2 sets

35kg x 9 (this saw a match in load with 2 additional reps)

24.5kg x 16/3 (this saw a match in load also with 5 additional reps then 3 reps after a 10 second pause)


Machine plate loaded dips: 2 sets

150kg x 12 (this saw a match in load with 1 additional rep)

130kg x 14/3 (this also saw a match in load with unfortunately a regression in reps by 2, but I rested for 10 seconds & managed to accrue 3 extra reps) 

Next rotation the goal will be to hit 17 straight reps.



That is today's session, absolutely over the moon with this one. As always if you have any questions please let me know but leaving a comment/reply below

16/2/20  Meso cycle 3 week 7

training split: Pull, Push, Legs, Rest, Upper, Lower A&B rotation

Gym: Oakley fitness

This is Lower A rotation


So what is up Everybody, Today sees my second leg session of the week (Lower A) with the V.squat variation in. My mid-week legs session is predominantly higher volume work especially on the leg press. This is for two reasons, Firstly due to the lack of variability in my gym I train in which is unfortunate but is what it is, so I have leg press in rotation A with my heavier work, so heaviest loads with relatively lower rep ranges. Then this weeks leg press rotation will be relatively lower load with higher reps. The other reason why I do this is for joint integrity for the longevity, If I continue to overload the muscles as well as the connective tissues/joints, I will undoubtably cause some severe damage to my joints. So with the leg session just done being predominantly higher volume work, today sessions see some what of a balance between the two. 

Albeit, today was a good session, which saw Pbs on almost all lifts, however that was just about as some required a bit of a grind to snatch that progressive overload. I will be looking to de-load next week. This is one of the reasons why I have decided to adopt a longer prep to have the ability to factor in de-loads, frequent refeeds or even diet breaks to attenuate any acute hormonal alterations that occur during a prep. 

Anyway lets take a look at todays session


Seated leg curls: 3 sets

full stack + 20kg x 9

full stack + 25kg x 6

full stack + 5kg x 15


V.squat: 3 sets (accommodated resistance bands have been removed)

260kg x 8 

220kg x 14

190kg x 17


So I have removed the accommodated resistance bands due to the unnecessary stress it was putting on to my spinal vertebrae, I noticed the axial loading was taking away from my others session which is the block pull deadlifts & safety squat bar.

The initial working set saw an increment in load by 10kg, the second set saw a match in load with 3 extra reps and the last set saw an increment in load by 10kg with 1 extra rep.


Lying leg curls: 3 sets (I've swapped from unilateral work to bilateral work)

11x 15

10 x 18*1

9 x 16*1

Ive replaced the unilateral work as again I was noticing more tension on my lower lumbar which was becoming the limiting factor over my actual hamstrings rendering the efficiency of the sets useless. The bilateral work saw an immediate improvement in the efficiency so I will stick with this going forward, plus its time efficient. 

all sets where new loads, with the objective being to accrue higher rep sets. 


Leg extensions: 3 sets

17 x 16

full stack + 10kg x 11*1

14 x 18

The initial working set saw an increment on the stack from 16 to 17 with 2 reps shy from previous numbers, the second working set saw a match in load with 1 extra rep, the last set saw an increment on the stack 13 to 14 with 2 reps shy again from previous numbers.


Adductors: 2 sets

full stack + 10kg x 35

full stack + 20kg x 25

So I'm now currently hitting my ad & ab ductors twice per week (4 x total), one session is predominantly higher rep work, with the other session being predominantly lower rep work. High rep work for adductors elicits an insane pump (try it)


cable cuff reverse flye: 4 sets

15 x 14

17.5 x 11

15 x 11*1

11.25 x 13

All sets saw a match in load with 1 or 2 extra reps accrued. This is always the goal with these sets, as frequent adjustments to load is illogical due to the body part being considerably smaller in comparison to others and being predominantly slow twitch fibres, it works best with higher rep work. 


Preacher curls: 2 sets

30kg x 15

32.5kg x 11


standing cable cuff tri extensions: 2 sets

20kg x 18

25kg x 11


This is a new exercise introduced,  replacing the overhead extension as I felt the overhead extensions was bringing me no further benefits and just some niggles to my left elbow. This variation of a tricep extension is conducive due to resistance profile aligning with my strength profile nicely. meaning less joint pressure at the elbow and shoulder joints, plus the ability to take the muscle to true momentarily failure



That is pretty much it for this session. as always if you have any questions please fire them over

26/2/20  Meso cycle 3 week 9

training split: Pull, Push, Legs, Rest, Upper, Lower A&B rotation

Gym: Oakley fitness

This is Legs A rotation


So today we was in for a Legs session, with my legs feeling heavy after the last few sessions strung together, going into todays workout was challenging. Fortunately I will be de-loading in two days time for three days total (Fri-Sun) which will see one leg session missed out which is exactly what I planned for as my legs need the recovery. 

With this dieting phase I have as most of you will know, extended the length of the diet to allow for De-loads, refeeds & even the possibility of diet breaks if absolutely necessary. This is great for attenuating the acute physiological and metabolic effects that occur inevitably during any dieting phase. This will give me the ability to continue performing to my perceived optimal abilities, Recovery efficiently and preserve as much tissue as I possibly can which is imperative. 

I will also be providing a update on all other variables as there have been some adjustments put into place today so check out the (2020 prep blog for that). Anyway lets delve into the fun of todays leg session.


Today's workout looked like this,

Safety bar squats: 2 sets

182.5kg x 5

155kg x 11

Working set saw a progression in load by 2.5kg, Warming up I could feel my lumbar erectors, it was apparent that they was recovered sufficiently and this lead to me being slightly apprehensive while warming up. The preceding warm up set of 175kg I felt my lower back compress which was indicative that my back might not be able to stabilise the load. However I decided the crack on with a spot from a friend (he was mainly there just incase). I played it save and incremented load by 2.5kg total (1.25kg per side) and got a solid 5 speed reps.

Back load set saw an increment in load (5kg) with 2 reps shy from last rotations numbers


Lying leg curls: 3 sets




working set saw match in load with 1 extra rep

second working set saw match in load with 1 + 1 partial rep (*1)

back load set saw match in load with 2 extra reps


Leg press: 2 sets

340kg x 21

290kg x 27


with the de-load being imminent, I would normally increase loads and just push absolutely everything, however these two sets I opt for higher rep and I wanted to creep up in reps so I matched load with both sets & achieved just that

working set saw 3 extra reps

back load set saw 1 extra (this one I was totally gassed out by the 20th rep


Leg extensions (unilateral): 3 sets

8x17 per leg

7+1.25kgx16*1 per leg

6+1.25kgx13 per leg

again I matched load on the working set and got 1 extra rep

second working set I incremented load by 1.25kg with 1 rep shy

back load set I incremented load again by 1.25kg with 6 reps shy, by the 13th rep my legs force production was switched off like a light. 


Seated leg curls: 2 sets

full stack + 20kg x 7

full stack x 16

Unfortunately the working set saw a regression by 3 reps, but this is because I was using my new extender today so the loads where stacked differently

back load set saw a match in load with 4 extra reps, so managed to redeem myself 


Abductors: 2 sets

stack + 25kg x 16

stack + 15kg x 18

both sets saw progression with reps, however I'm having some frustrating times with loading this machine up as I know I can lift a lot more but it's near impossibly to load it up even with the extender. but doing my best to macgyver my way through.


Seated cuff reverse fly (rear delts): 4 sets

8.75kg x 15

9.375kg x 13

6.875kg x 13*1

4.375kg x 18

All sets progressed


Calve raises: 2 sets

135kg x 23

115kg x 21*1

all sets progressed


Unilateral cable curls: 2 sets

15kg x 17 per arm

21kg x 8 per arm

both sets progressed




that's it for todays session, if anyone has any question please fire away


cheers guys

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