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So as im currently in the midst of my cruise phase, I have had a few messages come in about why do I do a cruise phase, when do I introduce it and do I fear of losing tissue while cruising. 


Lets delve straight into the why do I cruise and the benefits of doing so, so after a period of blasting my physiology will have inevitably taken a bit of a hit from the compounds used and the the AIs (aromatase inhibitors) so its wise to have a phase where we bring dosages of drugs down, how much would be individual dependant this allows for physiology resensitisation , off loading some inflammation and water retention from the anabolics also it primes our body for when we reintroduce anabolics similar to supercompensation our body can then eek out more from the anabolics in comparison to the prior cycle.

so this shows that there are great benefits to introducing a cruise phase.

Now when it comes to a cruise phase people initially panic and think this is where you will lose all your tissue (muscle) the objective is to increase your caloric intake to counterbalance the reduction of anabolics, so with the increase in calories your providing your body with more fuel so essentially you will have a better ability to maintaining performance and also optimise recovery as this is something else we have to considering while cruising. With the reduced drugs we have an inability to recovery as efficiently as we was therefore we need to be very careful with our training methods and ensure calories are increased.


With training we don't want to be looking at taking every set to true failure (0rir) as this will accumulate too much locate and systemic fatigue. True failure sets here and there are fine but not on all sets, this is why personally during this phase I like to opt for a RIR approach of training. As long as you increase your caloric intake and meticulously plan your training and optimise other variables like recovery then you will most definitely not lose any tissue (muscle) during this phase and as mentioned you will only reap the benefits going into the next phase. 

Now when in this phase you will potentially look a little softer then before, this isn't you getting fat providing your calories are not in an excessive surplus but in fact due to you removing hardening drugs like masteron etc and also from removing AIs which will see oestrogen levels elevate which can bring about a soft look but the increase in oestrogen is essentially good for us as it will contribute to recovery, repair and growth. 


So there you have the benefits broken down of a cruise phase, lastly when to introduce it?

I would say immediately after a contest prep I put all my clients onto a cruise phase, and the other place would be during a prolonged offseason setting at least once or twice I will implement a cruise phase. 


If you have any more questions please drop down in the comments


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