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So during lockdown there will have been some potential changes within peoples lives, schedules and organisation (if any at all at the moment).

Many will be thinking "what has this got to do with hypertrophy, fat loss or anything bodybuilding/physique development". 


Well in this blog, I will discuss some of the potential implications this could have on us when returning back to a new degree of normality. 

CAVEAT: This is predominantly aimed towards personal trainers & coaches.

As I mentioned most of us will have potentially drifted away from out pre existing lives prior to the lockdown, now being slightly more intuitive with our day's, potentially going from waking up at 5am to now waking up at 9/10am, conversely going to bed later in the night. We have adjusted our timing of training to a point which best suits us now where as previously it wouldn't of been plausible due to that being working hours or personal training hours on the gym floor. Now if lets say by the end of the week we were informed by the government that all gym's and everything else was back to normal on Monday, that abrupt announcement will see you having to readjust back to your pre existing schedules and lives, without that organisation already in place, leaving you with a finite of time to get everything back into place, finding organisation again, trying to figure out when you will be working, how many hours are you going to be doing on the gym floor to make back lost money, how are you going to schedule training in, when will you have a break to eat your meal/s without having to shovel them in, impacting digestion, having to all of a sudden starting waking up again at 5am and most importantly when will you factor in time for yourself to unwind and switch off.

This whole cascade of aspects to deal with so abruptly will potentially lead to a heightened  level of stress accumulated in the initially day's/weeks back to work and normal life. 

The shift in sleep will disrupt your circadian rhythm, causing implication on your mood, cognition, alertness and ultimately your productivity. The hyper levels of stress to try get structure back in place could see you putting your training on the back burner as you can't factor it in at the moment, which essentially should be an (NON NEGOTIABLE). You're a PT or a coach that is coaching people to have organisation, attain their goals and do thing's in the most optimal and efficient way plausible, you won't be setting a good example if your being a hypocrite?

Trying to rush thing's could also lead to meals being missed entirely or being shovelled down in a 5 minute gab between clients, which from a gastrointestinal perspective is not conducive at all. It will lead to a cascade of implications in terms of digestion & assimilation of the meals, which could lead to bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, flatulence (gas) and overall discomfort when working with your next client which isn't professional if you're not focusing properly. This also is inhibiting your ability to partition food efficiently, therefore your goal is being impeded due to your lack off organisation. 

Finally the hyper levels of stress in and of itself can be significantly detrimental on your overall health and personal goal, from a physical, physiological and emotional perspective. Collectively you could be running yourself into the ground and ultimately as I mentioned and to reiterate, as a personal trainer and/or a coach, we should be setting an example to our clients on how we should be doing everything to the best of our abilities. 


So my advice is, although we don't have a confirmed date as of when everything is reopening, we could say at least that it is relatively imminent in when this potentially could be. With that said it may be potentially a good idea to ease yourself back into some kind of routine now so when that time comes you have all your variables nailed & it will be a effortless & stress free transitional phase back to normality. As you'll see I said ease, as like most thing's you want to do it gradually so that you can still enjoy this time as much as you can as of course it is a morbid time right now nationally and globally but you get what I mean, while slowly getting organisation back in place and some kind of schedule. 


Next topic will be delving more into stress management. 

Any questions please send them over

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