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So we are back once again for another series,

a little update from myself, as we know 2020 has been an awful year for us all collectively, with Covid-19 inhibiting many of us from competing amongst many other things, which was extremely frustrating and unfortunate for all of us competing. 

With myself, I decided to pull out from my prep at the beginning of the year during the initial lockdown once we entered the 2 month stage of the lockdown. unfortunately I wasn't in a position where I had access to gym equipment or adequate external loading. That decision didn't come lightly but essentially it was a logical decision otherwise I wouldn't have came in at my best. 


Fast forward to November 2020, here we are again in the second national lockdown across Britain, but lucky this time I came prepared. I know have access to sufficient loading & variability to keep ticking over until lockdown restrictions are lifted come 2nd December. Right now the plan is literally to elicit an adequate stimulus from each session to help conserve muscle tissue during this period. Realistically there is very little chance i'll have the ability to maintain strength, but as long as the tissue holds I will be happy to continue this prep through, as it won't take too long to regain strength. 


I am currently 20 weeks out from my main show that I am aiming for, with potentially a show preceding this one in the pipeline. I will decided nearer the time if I feel ready to step on that stage, but my main focus is the show in April. 


So a littler update with all the fun stuff. Body weight at the beginning was 232lbs, I'm currently sitting at 225lbs



Current macros for TD are: 505g carbs - 103g fats - 273g protein

Current macros for NTD: 351g carbs - 127g fats - 294g protein

Really happy with this current set point, as this is the best I've looked on these kind of macros. Giving me plenty of room to make adjustments from a caloric perspective. 



I have pulled out NPP, although it aromatises less to that of testosterone, there still will be some aromatisation occur so by pulling this I will reduce oestrogen levels, therefore water retention, giving me a better visual of what's going on with body composition. 

Test has been kept at 400mg

I'm also taking 0.5mg of arimidex twice per week again to help mediate oestrogen levels, I don't need to worry about aromatisation in terms of gyno as I have had my glandular tissue moved, therefore I can not have gyno again. (I will be doing a post soon on the Strom website about this in more detail) visit to read that blog.

I have anavar, clen, tren, masteron, halo test all on standby to implement when needed.



TD:8k is the target

NTD: 8,5k is the target


That is pretty much it for now, I will keep you guys posted whenever anything exciting happens, also I will start posting some progress pictures weekly on here so you can see what's happening from a physique perspective. 


any questions please drop them below.


For online coaching, email to book in your FREE consultation call.



18 weeks out.

Body weight: 224lbs upon waking.

Ive been noticing a trend occurring over the last 4 weeks with my body weight, where every so often I'll see a relatively large increase in body weight, approximately 2/3lbs and then I see a big drop 24/48hrs after, which will see me sit at a new low for several days and then the same thing repeats. Yesterday I weighed in at 220lbs, this morning being 224lbs I'm predicting to see another drop.

However, I have still made a caloric adjustment as I feel I can pull calories down a tad more at the minute without impacting performance or recovery.



TD, I have brought fats down by 12g and carbs down by 20g.

NTD, I have brought carbs down by 40g.

Thats 188kcals on TD and 160kcals on NTD. This reduction has seen a nice incremental ROL of around 2/3lbs per week so far. Inevitable this is going to slow down in terms of ROL, due to most of that weight is predominantly water weight initially. I'm aiming for a ROL of around 1/2lbs in this next phase.


Training is all going really well, the transition back to gyms since the second lockdown has gone to plan. Using my log book to reflect on my numbers prior to the lockdown, coming back in, my baseline numbers are exactly where I want them to be. Essentially I have maintained strength very well, in some lifts strength has gone up, which is largely due to the 4 day de-load I had prior to returning to my regular gym, so fatigue is very low at the minute.

I have just started my youtube channel again, so here you will be able to watch all of my workouts, with education content and my thought process explained in those videos. check the channel out the latest video here:




So over the next 4 weeks, ill be running anavar at 50mg to begin with ED, training days ill be taking 50mg 1 hour pre training.

I will run with this for 4 weeks alone with Test E still at 450mg, subsequently I'll be looking at starting to introduce clen at 14 weeks out. Thats 9 weeks from start of prep until I introduce it, don't play the fat burning compound too early, you'll shot yourself in the foot. Initially I use energy expenditure & caloric intake to elicit fat loss. Utilise these compounds at the right moment.


I will be taking some progress picture tomorrow and will upload them onto here. 


Cheers guys




17 weeks out.

Body weight: 221lbs upon waking.

So a few adjustments have been made and a few metrics have changed so I wanted to keep you all updated with the most recent information with all variables.


Body weight is down to 221lbs, although only 3lbs drop since the last time we spoke, im definitely seeing a lot of visual changes to composition. fat percentage has dropped nicely as I'm starting to see conspicuously  certain lines are condition come in, especially around my midsection and serrates anterior. This is an indication that it's not always about solely fixating on scale weight. 

You have to trust the process, the adjustments made and constantly keep a eye on the visual, otherwise it can lead to unnecessary changes that may be detrimental to your overall performance, recovery and look. 




TD: 443g carbs    70g fats    267g protein

NTD: 359g carbs    87g fats   303g protein

If you compare to my initial blog, you'll see that carbohydrates & protein is slightly up on NTD, that's simply due to alternation in food sources with different macronutrient profiles, so now including trace carbs & protein, the content has gone up for those macros. I'm going to run with this adjustment now for a few weeks, as the next adjustment made will most likely come from an energy expenditure perspective in terms of cardio. 



All things training are going relatively well, today I had a poor Back workout, down to the fact that I changes things about like an idiot as I was trying to appease others, what I mean by that is I rotated my days to film some content for youtube which resulted in less recovery for my pulling work, therefore my numbers where shocking for my deadlifts. This is where it's extremely important to have EVERYTHING aligned and never change it, no exceptions. Other than this, all is great. Volume is at top capacity across all body parts now so the goal is just to maintain strength & performance for as long as possible.




Anavar is still at 50mg but will go up to 75mg for the final two weeks.

Test E is still at 450mg per week

Next manipulation to my cycle will be the incorporation of clen, this will be when I introduce cardio. 



TD: 8,500k


TD steps are up by 500 and NTD steps are up by 1,000



Any questions you guys have please let me know, ill attach some pictures now and also dont forget to keep up to date on the youtube series "OVERCOME series" There will be two videos filmed this week. 



Cheers guys

Progress pictures update: 16/12/20

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14 weeks & 4 days out.

Body weight: 218lbs upon waking.


Hey everybody, so another update on all things prep related. Unfortunately since the last time I blogged my region has been put into a Tier 4 restriction which means gyms have closed for a third time. Nonetheless the show goes on, I was luckily to train in a gym relatively close to me the week leading up to Christmas but then they were also put into Tier 4, so i am now back in my home garage gym for training. if you want to see any clips of this feel free to check that out on my instagram @trainedbywarrior92

So to keep you guys up to scratch with where I am at, lets get into things


Body weight is down 3lbs since my last blog, I'm looking relatively leaner in the mornings now when going through a few rounds of posing, but still a lot of work to go. 14 week marks the point of where I will really start taking things up a notch.



TD: 360g carbs    61g fats    267g protein

NTD: 229g carbs    75g fats   300g protein

Since 17 weeks out blog, I have Brought calories down, obviously this was down gradually across the 3 weeks not all at once. Appetite is good as i'm still on decent calories across both days, recovery is also in a good spot. As I said earlier though, training isn't quite the same in terms of the external loading and variables used, however the intensity is always 100% regardless. 



With being in the garage again, I've had to adapt my training, predominantly the volume aspects in terms of adding in more intensifiers like rest pauses, cluster sets, drop sets etc. Typically I wouldn't have these in if training in a regular gym as the fatigue accumulation would be so profound, I would struggle to recovery session to session. But as I don't have adequate loading & variability I have to do what I can to elicit an adequate stimulus to persevere muscle tissue. 

My split to remains, Push, Pull, Legs.




Anavar went up to 75mg at 16 weeks out, it will be pulled out this Sunday (4 days), I will look at potentially incorporating a few days refeed to facilitate strength & recovery then hold out until about 10/8 weeks out to introduce Tren. 

Test E is still at 450mg per week (this will not change until about 10/7 days out)

Clen has been in since last week, at 40mcg. I will be incrementing the dose to 60mcg next week and will run with that for approximately 10/14 days before titrating dose up again. 



TD: 8,500k


Cardio is now in which started yesterday, I'm currently doing 5x30 minutes on the stationary bike, if I had access to a stair master, I would've started with 4x30 minutes because it really gets my heart rate elevated but unfortunately because I dont have access to one and the stationary bike doesn't really get my heart rate elevated enough, no matter how hard I push I just added in a 5th day. I do my cardio fasted, purely from a practicality perspective, it gets my day started and it allows me to catch up with any admin from clients that have messaged me through the evening/night. 


Any questions you guys have please let me know.


Cheers guys


14 weeks 

Body weight: 216.4lbs upon wake.

First of all I would like to wish everyone on here a Happy New Year, I hope you all managed to enjoy the celebrations even with the current circumstances going on around us.

2021, is a new year for us collectively, a New Year to set some absurd goals and achieve new feats. Things can only get better!!


So to keep you guys up to scratch with where I am at, as a few things have changed since the last blog plus I have some pictures to upload if you haven't already seen on my instagram page.


Body weight is down again by 2lbs, I have seen a considerably amount of condition come in, especially posteriorly since me last pictures taken which obviously I'm very happy with. Satiety & hunger is still in a good spot, Training in terms of maintaining peak performance is doing ok, considering I am back in my garage training so proportional to what I was doing in my regular gym it's hard to accurately quantity the capacity of performance, but irrespective of that I am feeling good, recovery seems in check. 



TD: 360g carbs    61g fats    267g protein

NTD: 229g carbs    75g fats   300g protein

Nutrition hasn't changed as I made one small adjustment with my Clen and with the cardio in, I'm losing weight pretty much daily which is like 0.4lb a day give or take so no need to make any irrational calorie adjustments. 



Nothing really to report in terms of training, as I mentioned above things are going relatively well with what I have available. Hopefully I will record another Youtube video for the Overcome series this week, if the whether permits. 




Anavar is now out, and it will be out of my system in the next few days as the half life in adults is approximately 10hrs. 

With food still being high, i'm not conceded about seeing a huge demise in strength. 

Test E is still at 450mg/PW

Clen is now at 60mcg/PD



TD: 8,500k


Cardio is still at 5x30mins fasted.



Any questions you guys have please let me know.


Cheers guys

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13 weeks 

Body weight: 213lbs upon wake.

Hey guys, so quite a few plans have changed in correlation with the current circumstance so as always I will update you all now that I can. SO unfortunately the show I was prepping for in April has been postponed once again due to the current Lockdown and Constraints in place from the government. This has resulted in me going from 13 weeks out to now 24 weeks out. 

Obviously this has changed everything from a prep perspective, however after long deliberating I have decided that I am going to continue with this prep as if I'm still 13 weeks out in the hopes that a show may emerge around April time. Failing this, I will book in a photoshoot to at least say I achieved something for 2021, as already I have had to pull out twice from a show due to COVID-19.  As always I will keep you updated as and when things change. 


As for myself and the prep, body weight is down another 3lbs since we last spoke, it was 212lbs on the weekend just passed, however with the news announced at the time, I initially decided to pull out of the show and transition into a maintenance phase. So on Saturday I had an off plan meal which was a burger & chips, subsequently I felt like shit and didn't enjoy it one bit, it was at that point I decided that I wanted to continue with my prep as opposed to going into a maintenance phase. Weight incremented up 4lbs to 216lbs, now I'm back at 213lbs.


Moving forward as for adjustments relative to individual variables. 



Nothing has changed, however I will be looking at making an adjustment in the next week. 



Still not much to report from this front, however at the moment i'm auto regulating my training in terms of frequency across the week, so initially my frequency was training most body parts every 5 days, however with limited equipment and loading, my recovery is very efficient at the moment so I'm making my decisions on whether to train on how I feel daily, for example today is Legs, normally I would rest the proceeding day but if I feel good I will train Push tomorrow so on and so forth. In contrast, if I don't feel like i'm recovered efficiently I will take the day off.



Test E is still at 450mg/PW

Clen is now at 80mcg/PD

Tren will be coming in at 10 weeks out at 200mg/PW



Steps haven't changed. 

Cardio is now 5x35 minutes, this has increased by 5 minutes per session, 25 minute total across the week.


Thats pretty much it from me, I will upload some pictures when I feel like there is a significant change in my physique worth viewing.

Any questions you guys have please let me know.


Cheers guys

As for myself and therefore the prep, weight is down another 3lbs since we last spoke, it had been 212lbs on the weekend just passed, however with the news announced at the time, I initially decided to tug out of the show and transition into a maintenance phase. So on Saturday I had an off plan meal which was a burger & chips, subsequently I felt like shit and didn't enjoy it one bit, it had been at that time i made a decision that I wanted to continue with my prep as against going into a maintenance phase. Weight incremented up 4lbs to 216lbs, now I'm back at 213lbs. 

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