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Perceived rates of soreness - How to identify if you're doing too much or too little volume

So if you've already read the post on (VOLUME LANDMARKS), you should have a rough idea of those constructed concepts. 

A question which is often asked after understanding those volume landmarks, is how do you find your perceived MEV or MRV. This is where you can use a proxy system, This system can provide some broad & objective points to use to establish where about's you're with your volume, is it too much or is it not enough and how do I know if I should increase or decrease volume. 

Three simple points you can look out for are

  • How sore are you getting during your sessions?
  • How are the pumps during the higher rep sets?
  • Are you getting any perceived DOMS?


So how to gauge this? I will provide a multitude of responses to them which would represent a rating of 1 - 4 (1 being too low) (4 being too high) and hopefully this could make it relatively easier for you to understand where you stand.


Starting with, "How sore are you getting". When you finished your training session you want to ask yourself did you feel

  1. Nothing at all, if anything I felt like I could complete that session 2 fold.
  2. I felt relatively sore but nothing to strenuous.
  3. Ok, I feel sore after that session, my muscles are aching and its noticeable!
  4. OMG, I feel absolutely fucked!! The rest of the day I need to retire to my sofa!


Now for "How are the pumps during the higher rep sets". When you finished those sets & post workout you want to ask yourself did those pumps feel

  1. Like a bit of pump, if anything you hardly felt anything from those sets
  2. Yes it was a decent pump, but nothing to the degree of a blistering pump
  3. Ok, That was a great pump, that felt really good & challenging!
  4. OMG, the pumps feel like my skin wants to tear or explode, they're ridiculously insane pumps!

Lastly we look at "How difficult was that session" When you finished the workout, you want to ask yourself "the difficulty of that session was"

  1. A breeze, I didn't feel challenged what so ever
  2. Ok yes there were some moments I was pushed a little bit
  3. Ok, that workout pushed me today, I had to really concentrate!
  4. OMG, at one point I thought that workout was going to be the end of me!


So if you're in the initial week of your meso (block of training) and you're trying to establish your MEV, use these guidelines to estimate what you need,

If you're around the rating of (1) for more than 2 of those proxy systems then you most likely need to increase volume. 

If you're around the rating of (2-3) for more than 1, you might want to stick with that for a couple more weeks before incrementing volume. 

If you're around the rating of (>3) for more than 2, then you're probably exceeding your MEV and need to reduce the volume slightly. 



any questions please drop them below. 

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