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So following on from the organisation post, we will be looking at stress management in terms of transitioning back into a sense of normality after the lockdown has been lifted. 

Caveat again this is specifically directed towards personal trainers & coaches, however if you can take some value from this post and you're not within that category then that is obviously a bonus. 


If you haven't read the first part of overall stress management then please go over and read that first and look at the potential implications & how to manage stress and perception of stress there. 


This will be a relatively short post, but just looking at some key considerations when returning back to work, whether that be on the gym floor or even as coaches and your clients are returning back to a gym. Initially for personal trainers as I mentioned in the organisation post, if we leave everything to the very last minute this is going to lead to a lot of stress accrual, we now begin to panic with trying to get everything back in place, trying to get structure & routine back in place. So ensure that we have that organisation in place now potentially could be conducive for you to govern your levels of stress way before officially going back to work, knowing that when the time comes everything is already in place, it will literally just be a matter of waking up and commuting to your gym to begin one to one training again with your clients, you'll have your sleep ritual in place with timing of bed and wakening, you'll have some degree of structure with nutrient timing and distribution of meals across the day, working them around your perceived plan for the day in terms of PT time of the gym floor, breaks in between that allow sufficient time to actually eat the meal and not scoff it down. You'll also would potentially have your training factored in, knowing when you'll be having your pre meal, with again sufficient time for digestion before initiating training and post meal also before either returning back to one to one clients or heading home. Minimising the stress of having to cram all your meals in late at night which that in and off itself can cause implications in terms of sleep quality & digestion of those macronutrients that close to bed. 

So collectively you'll have stress potentially well under control going back to work, also as I mentioned the same applies to coaches working online as you will need to take into consideration the time it will require to rewrite up all your clients programmes transitioning from potentially limited variations & loads to back into a gym with a plethora of variation. You will need to consider how you're going to design that programme and transition your client back into normal gym's efficiently. You can't just go back to the original programme and numbers the client was doing prior to the lockdown as we know from a physiological perspective our clients will be considerably weaker going back and the novelty of a majority of the exercises will require far less volume, frequency & load initially which you as coaches should know this information, looking at the intricacies of the programming post lockdown. (this is stuff that I cover within my coaching services, so if you're interested to learn more than please enquire via email:

If you're a coach that understands those concepts and confidently know the methodical approach you need to take with your client, this is potentially a good time to start considering about designing those programmes relative to the clients current set up and transitioning them with like to like variations or even potentially keeping the exact same ones in or looking at if you need to change it entirely. All this time we could spend doing it now will drastically minimise the amount of stress you would be under when the day comes. 

So if you have read part 1 of stress management and then read the organisation post, you will by now understand the potential implications you could be experiencing if you don't have thing's in place. If you are a athlete that is extremely passionate about achieving the most optimal results than this is something that is essentially so simple in terms of the practical applications but yet largely overlooked. 


If you have any additional questions, please send them over. The next topic will be covering sleep management.




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