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SUPPORTMAX JOINT (stromsports)

Supportmax JOINT

So I have finished up my first tub of Supportmax joint and wanted to give my overview and feedback of this supplement. 

As hard as it may sound but i'm not being bias or being forced to say anything on here and in fact it is 100% my very own personal opinion of the supplement.

Since using JOINT I have honestly noticed a difference within my performance, prior to taking JOINT my anterior left delt which had been a chronic niggle for myself, always impeding my ability to constantly add muscular tension, progress loads or do any kind pressing movement without some form of discomfort when training.

I have since seen load increments in my pressing work, some loads I haven't even done EVER, for example currently i'm pressing on the flat smith press (157.5kg x 5) the most I've ever benched was (150kg for like 4 reps) so it's 100% having a positive impact. Mitigating the inflammation and pain I've been experiencing & suffering with for a long time.

This will now be a staple in my supplement arsenal, as for me it's always about longevity and keeping joint integrity in check so i'm able to continue progressively overloading safely and efficiently, thus recruit maximum hypertrophy.

So to briefly break down the ingredient profile of Supportmax joint:

it contains

  • Patented HydroCurc (Curcumin): 1000mg
  • Glucosamine Sulphate: 1400mg
  • Cissus: 750mg
  • Vitamin C: 250mg
  • Hylaronic Acid: 200mg
  • Black Pepper Extract: 10mg


Glucosamine Sulphate: has been known/used for a long time, for its anti-inflammatory properties it helps to alleviate any joint pains.

HydroCurc: Is essentially a bioavailable version of Curcumin which is a potent anti-inflammatory.

Cissus: It is an indigenous medical plant that has been used as a healing agent for years. It has been shown to help improve the speed upon broken bone healing and mitigating pain and swelling.

Vitamin C: As we know it helps massively towards improving our immune system, as well as aiding in body repair, controlling inflammation via the immune system.

Black Pepper: This helps improve the bioavailability and absorption of ingredients/medicines we consume, via inhibiting an enzyme in your urinal track. for example it can improve the bioavailability of vitamin C by 125% and Curcumin absorption by 2000%.


Order online today at:

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