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Do you warm up, if so how many reps do you working within

So the other day I was approached by a fellow trainee in my local gym who asked me my thoughts behind warm up sets, so I though I would expand my answer that I gave him to all you guys as I thought this was a very cool question and something that is commonly overlooked and underestimated.


I will mention the benefits, when and the how to utilise warm up sets.


From anecdotal experience and also case studies from a lot of clients I have worked with I have seen why warm up sets are so hugely beneficial for joint integrity, preventing niggles and improving our mind-muscle connection. So when it comes to warm up sets initially I will always rinse my warm up sets as at this point of the session I am at my coldest, the muscles are no where near warmed up, there is very little blood circulating my body and the muscles are not activated (switched on) at this point. I could do anywhere from 8 to 12 warm up sets which completely depends on where I am within my phase, how I'm feeling on the day and depending on how my recovery as panned out.

I will periodise up in warm up sets and in concurrent bring volume (reps) down so it would potentially look like this

1st warm up set x 10 reps

2nd warm up set x 8 reps

3rd warm up set x 5 reps

4th warm up set x 3 reps

5th warm up set x 1 rep

and then I will do as many 1 rep warm up sets as I need until I hit my working load and from there initiate the working set. 


as you noticed I periodise the volume down to a 1 rep warm up set, which always has a lot of people speculating. The rationale behind this is after the initial 3-5 sets the propensity of me being fully warm is high, but I don't want to be wasting energy on the remaining warm up sets as I get a feel for loads, test my joint integrity and psychologically prepare myself. I often see people doing 4-5 warm up sets of 10+ reps which is absolutely ludicrous and taking away energy/strength from the main working set. So if your someone just doing multiple reps for the sake of it have a rethink about what your doing and how you can be potentially robbing yourself of hypertrophy (muscle growth)

The main benefits to get yourself efficiently warmed up is so that you don't jump straight into sets and cause any injuries to your joints, ligaments or connective tissue which I have seen or heard happen especially when it comes to the bigger individuals (230lbs+). Take your time before delving into the big heavy lifts as essentially we want to be doing this for the longevity and when your injured your either out for months or it could possibly end your career altogether.

Lastly the benefits of improving your mind-muscle connection, most of you on here will know about mind-muscle connection and by warming up efficiently your increasing your abilities to feel the primary muscle your targeting ensuring you keep almost 100% of the tension on that muscle which equates to again MORE hypertrophic adaptation (muscle growth)


so I you're someone how gets into your workout and is so eager to getting going, try and take your time, be a bit more hesitant and think about the consequences of not warming up properly before beginning your workout.


any questions then please feel free to leave them below 

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